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Benefits of Zoho CRM

It doesn't matter how small or large your company is, all companies have contacts they need to track. In today's business environment this type of information sharing is more than desirable, it's essential. For years CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has been the solution. But the challenge for most companies is how to share contact data with employees and devices securely in our anytime, anywhere, any device world. This is why Zoho CRM has become our go-to CRM Cloud solution.

Zoho CRM is a Software as a Service solution - meaning it's software that you subscribe to instead of buying software on a CD or download and install locally. Zoho CRM exists in "The Cloud" which affords the following benefits:

  • 1.No infrastructure costs for your company - all your employees need is a computer or device with a browser and an Internet connection. This means there is no large upfront investment or ongoing server maintenance fees. You won't have to purchase a dedicated server to use Zoho CRM.
  • 2.Your costs are regulated - you have the choice to pay monthly or annually (at a discount), and the price is per user.
  • 3.You can add or remove users as your business needs change - this is something that is not available when you buy standard software.
  • 4.Technical support is included - there is an extensive online knowledgebase along with support via chat, email or phone (may require paid plan) should you get an error or have a question about a feature.
  • 5.Upgrades are included - there's no need to be concerned about whether or not an upgrade to Windows or Microsoft Office will "break" your CRM software. Updates are pushed out with no user downtime.
  • 6.Automation - Zoho CRM can be configured to automatically create contacts from your website forms. Not only that, it can assign the lead, notify the Zoho CRM user and create a follow up task so that no lead ever "falls through the cracks."
  • 7.Integrated E-mail Marketing and Campaigns - once your contacts are all in Zoho CRM, you'll easily be able to start target marketing campaigns to increase your sales. This is included with all paid versions of Zoho CRM.
Software as a service

Zoho CRM Features and pricing

Believe it or not, some things in life ARE free, and that includes basic ZohoCRM for up to 10 users. With the free plan you won't get all the bells and whistles that Zoho CRM has to offer, but you might be surprised at how much you DO get:

  • Basic CRM - ability to track leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks, events, call log, notes
  • Team collaboration
  • Social media integration with Twitter and Facebook
  • Standard reports
  • User profiles and roles
  • Marketing Automation - 10 email templates, email opt-out and website visitor tracking (via Zoho SalesIQ)
  • Web to Lead and Web to Contact forms
  • API for 3rd party integration
  • Page layout and tab customization
  • Basic Workflow automation

Zoho features that require a paid subscription

  • Custom fields
  • Phone/VoIP integration
  • Mass email
  • Drop Box and Google Drive integration
  • Google AdWords integration
  • Inventory management - products, price books, sales quotes, sales orders, invoices, vendors, purcahse orders
  • Custom reports, scheduled reports, dashboards
  • Field level security and territory management

Take a look at the Zoho CRM feature comparison chart to see all of the tier features and the pricing. We think you'll be surprised at Zoho CRM's large feature set and reasonable rates.

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As veterans of CRM (Contact Relationship Management) software implementation and Zoho Alliance Partners, we know how to configure and customize Zoho CRM to work for your company's specific needs. If you are migrating from another service, we can handle your data import tasks. We also provide training to your staff so that everyone knows why and how to use Zoho CRM.

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