Michael Cummins

Senior Vice President / Founding Partner

Michael was one of those genius kids - writing his own code back in the 1970s on a Radio Shack computer. He has been handcrafting web sites since the dawn of the Internet age and networking computers since he discovered that a null modem cable could let a pair of x86 computers play video games head to head.

Serving in the US Navy back in the late 1980s and early 90s, Michael participated in the Desert Storm cleanup, Somalia, Bosnia and many other remote areas onboard warships that cruised in the Persian Gulf, North Atlantic, Mediterranean and the Pacific Rim. His duties in technical support and engineering were valuable training and he eventually returned to civilian life in California where he served as the manager of Technical Support and Research and Development for a computer technologies company. When deciding to relocate to South Florida in the mid-1990s, Michael‘s fortuitous partnership with Jim Sacks led them to lay the foundation for what would become a very productive relationship. Michael’s impressive grasp of technology and problem solving was the perfect complement to Jim’s salesmanship, and Advantage Services was soon thriving.

The son of a now-retired yacht captain, Michael was raised on a sailboat so he’s intimately familiar with day-to-day aspects of marine life. As a homeowner in Ft. Lauderdale, he has the bandwidth that he needs for work and the sunshine that he enjoys for playtime. Computers are surely his destiny. (In fact, Michael met his wife while chatting on the Internet and was subsequently married on a yacht named “Dot Kom” !) There is probably no technical hurdle that Michael cannot overcome. With an eye for design and the technical skill to implement his vision, we are fortunate to have someone with his intelligence, work ethic and dedication.

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