Hector Torres

Senior Technician

After becoming disabled from a construction accident Hector bought his first computer. It was 1987, and it was a beautiful machine. Eager to get started he set it up the very next day, though all it would do was play video. He called the store repeatedly but there was no answer; and when he went there in person he found they had gone out of business. So Hector went home and read all the books that came with the computer to learned how to fix it himself. It wasn’t long before his friends were coming to him for help. That’s when he and two good friends decided to open their own store to help similar people. Business quickly took off and they were doing very well. He soon moved to Fort Lauderdale and opened a store here in 1996, where he was first introduced to the Advantage Services team. However, business started to go downhill during the 2000’s. After that he decided to join his talents to Advantage, who had remained loyal customers.

Since then Hector has continued to grow in knowledge, client response needs, wants and most importantly finishing the job per the client’s expectations. Hector is a certified Microsoft system builder which aided him a great deal over the years. Even as Advantage progressed from building to the service of client needs, Hector expanded his knowledge so that he would be able to evolve with the company.

Remote Assistance:

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