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How URL changes can curb phishing scams and tips on protecting yourself

URL’s are long and complicated, which is why it’s easy for cybercriminals to hide behind them. No one goes and looks at the URL...

  • August 14, 2020
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Trends in Visual search and Image search can affect your SEO

Images play a big role in our daily lives because we are visual creatures. Beautiful things captivate us, draw our eye and kickstart our interest....

  • August 07, 2020
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Multi factor authentication apps and why you need to switch over

Times of crisis are often times where we can become lax with certain issues because there is something more pressing to worry about. But security...

  • April 10, 2020
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Dangers of remote work and what you can do to minimize risk

Due to the Corona virus a lot of businesses have had to adjust their work flows to follow CDC guidelines. Social distancing means that you can’t...

  • March 20, 2020
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SEO Changes your small business needs to know about

SEO can make or break a small business, especially since the majority of marketing is switching over to online instead of print. Digital isn’t...

  • January 31, 2020
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Smishing the new form of Phishing

You’ve probably heard of Phishing before, where scammers send convincing or not so convincing emails geared towards stealing your money...

  • January 24, 2020
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Why your small business should consider optimizing for voice search

With the growing popularity of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google home, and Siri, voice searching is becoming more and more common....

  • January 17, 2020
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7 web design mistakes to ditch in 2020

Websites seem like a no brainer, but sometimes your intentions don’t always come across the way you want them to.1. No clear direction...

  • December 27, 2019
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New Year New Website

As your company continues to evolve and change, your company’s website should change and evolve too. In the same way business practices...

  • November 29, 2019
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9 Tips to improve your small businesses marketing

Marketing seems really simple right? Just pay for some targetted advertisments and call it a day right? Wrong. It's so much more than that and...

  • November 15, 2019
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12 Cyber security tips and tricks

Now more than ever cyber security should be a major priority for businesses and individuals, here are a few tips to get you going in the right...

  • November 01, 2019
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You need to stop putting off updates

Being a small business is difficult enough without worrying about the issues that can come from compromised devices. But unfortunately, devices...

  • October 25, 2019
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What a VPN does and does not do

Having a VPN can be a great asset to increase your security, but it only does what it is designed to do. There has been some misconception about...

  • October 09, 2019
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12 tips on improving content on your website

Content is the most important part of a website; it is the best way to help capture people's interest and get them to stay on. Written blog...

  • September 06, 2019
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Keep yourself safe from phone scams

Recently there have been an influx in the number of phone scammers that are on the prowl for victims. With people focusing on cyber dangersbecause...

  • August 16, 2019
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13 tips on making your website look better

Choose the right fonts Imagine all the different people that will be navigating your website, now imagine them trying to read the text. Your...

  • July 19, 2019
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Practice cyber safety while traveling

Traveling is stressful, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Airports are crowded and exhausting. You have to lug around bags, juggle...

  • May 24, 2019
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How your small business can take advantage of social media (Tying it all together)

The main two components in being successful with social media are consistency, and quality. Just like SEO for your website you can keep spending...

  • May 17, 2019
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How your small business can take advantage of Facebook

Facebook was originally designed to connect you with your old college buddies but has since evolved into something much bigger that has taken...

  • May 10, 2019
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Your Small Business SEO Crash Course

SEO is as an acronym meaning Search Engine Optimization. Which is optimizing your website in order to make it more discoverable for potential...

  • April 19, 2019
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You need to update your devices

Last month a major bug was found within Apple’s facetime app, allowing users to access the camera and microphone of a person they called,...

  • March 15, 2019
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Why you should consider switching to digital marketing

Oh, yay printed ads! Said no one ever, except maybe an extreme couponer. Cost Most printer companies charge a couple hundred dollars for150...

  • February 08, 2019
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11 Reasons you should switch to the cloud

1. SecuritySecurity is a major concern for most businesses and usually affects how they function. Luckily Microsoft has a lot of security build...

  • January 11, 2019
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7 Tips your small business needs to know about email safety

Don’t open attachmentsUnless you’re expecting an attachment from someone it is generally good practice to avoid opening them. Lot’s...

  • December 14, 2018
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8 Common website mistakes you need to fix

Not mobile friendlyMobile browsing has quickly surpassed desktop browsing in the last few years, which means if you’re not mobile friendly...

  • December 07, 2018
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What is a mesh network and do you need one?

Mesh networks have been around for a long time, mostly in commercial use. Military, hospital, commercial applications. The internet is thebiggest...

  • November 30, 2018
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Yes, you probably need a web developer

Would you go to a networking event in beat up old clothes and introduce yourself to clients? No? So why are you showing off an old or badlyput...

  • October 26, 2018
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Do you really need a web developer?

There are a lot of "Do it yourself" web design websites out there these days, and it seems like a great idea. You make an account and make a...

  • October 19, 2018
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How avoid people leaving your landing page

Work on attracting the right peopleWebsites get a lot of traffic from a broad range of people. Landing pages are no different, they can also...

  • October 05, 2018
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19 Tips and tricks to increase conversion rates

1. With forms, less is moreWhen it comes to signup forms you want to do the least number of fields possible to encourage them to fillit...

  • September 28, 2018
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A quick guide to multi factor authentication

Authentication is something you: Are, Have, or Know. But how does that tie in to your accounts?Know: Single factorThis is the simplest form...

  • August 31, 2018
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Web design for Dummies

A website is technology, and like most technology it can become dated very easily. The industry is constantly evolving and improving upon itself...

  • August 24, 2018
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Cybersecurity Basics, A Complete Guide for Small Businesses

61% of security breaches happen to small businesses, and that number is rising. That's because hackers know that small businesses owners don't...

  • August 01, 2018
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Why Your Business Needs to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

The use of cloud computing has grown exponentially. Some of the highest adoption rates are found in service companies, engineering firms and...

  • June 27, 2018
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Top 8 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

A recent survey shows that 82% of businesses saved money after cloud migration.But that's not the only benefit from moving to the cloud. Ifyou...

  • June 05, 2018
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Make this change in your Google Analytics settings now, or lose data on 5-25

Google announced “Today we introduced granular data retention controls that allow you to manage how long your user and event data is held...

  • May 21, 2018
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Why Your Business Needs to Start Using Sharepoint Online

Have you heard about SharePoint Online?Wondering if it's the right choice for your business?SharePoint Online can be a great tool and the software...

  • April 05, 2018
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10 Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Web Design

Having a well-designed website is essential. Poor web design makes customers less likely to trust your website, making them less likely to stick...

  • March 26, 2018
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Why Dynamic Website Design is Essential for Your Business

In the fast-paced world of digital design, it's not enough for your business to just have a basic website anymore.It doesn't matter if you are...

  • February 19, 2018
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Improve Staff Productivity with Great Digital Training

In a society that depends on workers who are more creative and innovative than their automaton counterparts, digital training is imperative....

  • January 22, 2018
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What Are the Benefits of Moving to the Microsoft Cloud?

Cloud technology is fast becoming a mainstream staple for modern businesses. In fact, Forbes predicts that 80% of IT budgets will be spent on...

  • December 05, 2017
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The Truth About Cyber Crime

People often have a lot of the same questions when it comes to cyber security. What is it, why are they at risk, and how can they protect themselves....

  • November 03, 2017
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How secure is your remote access work?

Who doesn't love free Wi-Fi? It's convenient when you're away from home and saves you from using up all your data. But all that conveniencecomes...

  • September 29, 2017
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Your Florida Business Disaster Checklist

With the impending arrival of Hurricane Irma, now more than ever it's important to remember that your business needs to be just as preparedas...

  • September 06, 2017
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How adopting new technology could earn your South Florida business more revenue

According to the Boston Consulting Group there is a direct correlation between small businesses adopting new technology, and experiencing arise...

  • August 10, 2017
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Dynamics 365 Marketing Solution

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition, you get a powerful suite of marketing tools. Email campaigns, marketing automation,...

  • July 13, 2017
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Streamline your sales team's processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business Edition

Between what we learned from the Dynamics webinar, and recently posted information there is a lot to look forward to in the coming release of...

  • July 07, 2017
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Say Hello to Dynamics 365 Event Planning

If you’re company plans lots of events you're in for a real treat because the event management aspect of Office 365 is going to be great....

  • June 30, 2017
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Multi-factor Authentication and what it means for your business

In this day in age if you haven't encountered at least a dozen different platforms telling you how important a secure password is and how to...

  • May 05, 2017
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How Cloud Computing, IT Solutions, and Software as a Service can change your business

Cloud ComputingAn estimated 60% of business users will have access to cloud capabilities by 2022.The cloud is a service that allows your business...

  • April 29, 2017
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A crash course in online security

No one is truly safe or secure in the digital world. We may think differently because we have software that promises to keep our information...

  • April 14, 2017
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How Cloud Computing Is Changing Business Dynamics

Welcome to your crash course in everything you need to know about "the cloud" and cloud computing. As your first lesson, you should know these...

  • October 28, 2016
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If you have a pulse and haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know what Instagram is. A social media application that lets you...

  • October 21, 2016
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7 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website

We’ve all cringed at the sight of a blog with never ending paragraphs with seemingly zero spacing, or the one with the writer who tries...

  • September 27, 2016
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Ring, ring, Skype calling

On any given day there are thousands of applications being invented and enhanced. Why? Because there is a constant demand for products thatmake...

  • June 10, 2016
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Why your website needs a makeover

There is a new age upon us, an age when pictures triumph over carefully crafted text. Snazzy pictures catch your eye before you even look at...

  • May 27, 2016
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Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Company Website

Within the corporate arena, competition is fierce. It is important that you keep up with your rival companies. Creating a well-designed website...

  • April 06, 2016
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