10 Innovative Web Design Trends You Can't Ignore


Is your website showing its age?

Even if your website is just a few years old, it may not be displaying the latest in innovative web design.

In other words, it looks played out and tired. And it may not be performing as effectively as it could.

That's just the nature of web design. It's constantly evolving. And to keep up with it, your website needs to evolve as well.

So how do you know if your website is up to snuff?

What's Considered Innovative Website Design for 2018?
We'll take a look at the top trends for web design in 2018. Then you can determine whether your website makes the cut.

1. Use of Gradients

For quite some time now, flat design has taken center stage.

Websites designed over the past few years tended to favor flat design over dimensional colors. But that's changing for 2018 - with gradients making a serious comeback.

In the past, gradients were used predominantly in a subtle way to create three dimensionality. But this time, gradients are big, loud and oozing with color.

Designers are placing gradient filters over photos to make mildly interesting images appear intriguing. They're also finding the value of using a gradient background when there are no other images with which to work.

2. Particle Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are cool. But they create all sorts of performance issues. Especially when it comes to loading time.

This is not so much the case with particle backgrounds since these animations are lightweight javascript that allows movement to be created as a natural part of the background.

And the reality is, people are drawn to things that move. Thus, particle backgrounds immediately attract the user's attention. And this allows brands to create a memorable impression in only a few seconds.

Plus, with motion graphics becoming ever present on social media, it's a natural progression to zip over to a landing page from there with that same motion.

3. Consistency

Consistency matters. This is Marketing 101.

For example, you more than likely focus on the consistency of your company's message across all the channels you're using.

But it's similar with design. The company message, tone, language used, and visuals also need to stay the same. And there should be consistency between the mobile app and its social media as well.

Some companies in 2017 started focusing their efforts on consistency in order to increase customer loyalty. This trend is expected to evolve even further in 2018.

4. Interactive Content

It's no secret that consumers continue to demand more personalized experiences. But they want them to be entertaining too.

Sounds like a big order.

But in reality, brands can connect with their customers by designing polls, quizzes, and even games that deliver on this.

What happens now when someone comes to your site to buy your product or service? Do they feel like they'll get something tailor made for them?

5. Saturated and Vibrant Color Schemes

There was a time when designers were stuck with web-safe colors. And that time was the not-too-distant past.

These days, designers are more courageous in their approach to color. And for 2018, vibrant shades, clashing colors and even supersaturation are hitting the scene.

This trend was partly ushered in by technological advances in monitors and screens that allow for richer colors. But it's also great for brands who want to set themselves apart from those that are more traditional.

6. More Videos

Although we mentioned the slower load time of particle backgrounds, video continues to be a design trend for 2018.

That's because videos are no longer just something to watch.

They're a quick and visual delivery of a brand's presentation and communication.

So in 2018, web designers will be putting video content in multiple areas rather than just the main landing page.

7. Asymmetry and Broken Grid Layouts

Asymmetrical and unconventional broken layouts started "trending" in 2017, especially with smaller-scale brands. But this trend is expected to thrive through 2018.

Designers like the unique and distinctive qualities of the asymmetrical layout. It allows for some experimentation as well.

That means there will more than likely be an increase in the use of unconventional layouts across the web as brands work to set themselves apart.

And with the exception of more conservative and traditional companies, this quirky aesthetic is expected to reach some of the larger-scale brands as well.

8. Engaging Photography

You've seen the picture many times.

A bunch of mostly whitewashed generic corporate guys, shaking hands or giving each other high-fives in the office. There might be one man who's slightly less whitewashed. There may even be a woman. Possibly both.

Either way, it's boring, dull, over-used stock photography.

The trend for 2018 is a huge uptick in photography featuring people of color and women. And these photos will be highly customized to match the brand.

9. Bold Typography

Typography is a powerful visual tool. It always has been.

It evokes emotion. It creates personality and tone. And it does this all while simultaneously conveying information.

But in the past, it was hard to use large type without it getting pixelated. Higher resolutions have eliminated that issue.

And since many browsers now support hand-made typefaces that are enabled by CSS, the web design trend for 2018 is an increase in large custom fonts with contrasting serif and sans serif headings to create dynamic parallels.

10. Focus on End User's Experience

Businesses and designers know the importance of UX. But there's something so irresistible about clever design.

And when businesses don't understand what their target audience needs - or even worse, don't even know their target audience - it's easy to get swept away by an eye-catching design.

Last year, more companies took the time to conduct user research or interviews as a means to better understand their target audience though.

As this trend continues, it will also prioritize UX for designers.

This isn't to say that the nine other trends above won't apply. They'll just use them with more thought and, in turn, find more success.

What's on Your Website?

Innovate web design is crucial in keeping your website relevant... and, more importantly, keeping visitors from straying.

So if you feel that your website is a little old-school, but not in that "cool retro" sort of way, you may want to spruce up your web design.

Feel free to contact our business technology experts to discuss your website needs. We're up to date on the trends and we know what works.

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