GDPR and Privacy - Control Your Data, Don't Let it Control You

Safe in the Cloud

Your inbox has already been graced by scores of “privacy policy update” e-mails, and you’ve probably already read dozens of blog articles about GDPR compliance.

This one is different.

We’re not going to offer you advice on how to run a compliant business, because in truth if you want to be GDPR compliant, your journey doesn’t begin on a blog, it begins with your legal counsel. Only a lawyer can review how your business operates and then help you craft and implement GDPR compliant policies that fit what you do.

Any other advice doesn’t help you, it makes you more vulnerable

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Your data should be your greatest asset, not your greatest weakness

You’re going to discover something during that process. You’re going to discover that your scattered collection of spreadsheets, CRMs, contact organizers, third party apps, mailing lists and sticky notes make it impossible for you to abide by your own shiny new policies.

We can help you get control of that

Using best-of-breed solutions such as Office365, OneDrive, SharePoint services and Dynamics 365 we can help you finally get control over all your information and securely access it securely anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Make it easier to find what you’re looking for

What if you received a compliance-related request for information? How do you find specific information now? Using the Content Search Tool in Microsoft’s Security and Compliance Center, we can help you find email in Exchange mailboxes, documents in SharePoint sites and OneDrive locations and instant messaging conversations in Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.

Protect both you and your data

You can’t find what you need if someone deleted it. Does your local fileserver save the last 500 versions of every document? Can you simply click on a document and review its history, or do you have to restore from a clumsy backup to accomplish that?

SharePoint and OneDrive for Business can help you do all of that, and more. You can have access to your documents on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet or phone. Anytime, anywhere, on anything.

Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection focuses on mitigating content phishing, domain spoofing, and impersonation campaigns. It also helps secure SharePoint Online, OneDrive for business, and Teams.

Let us help you

Whether it’s GDPR, HIPAA or PCI DSS we can’t craft the compliance policies you need, but we can help you get better control of your data to make it easier to implement those policies.

Contact us and let’s figure out how we can best work together.


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