Why Your Business Needs to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales


The use of cloud computing has grown exponentially. Some of the highest adoption rates are found in service companies, engineering firms and the government.

Dynamics 365 is a game changer when it comes to business software. It's a united force, combining Dynamics CRM and ERP Cloud solutions.

Microsoft's Takeshi Numoto wants a future where business software is easy to use. When Dynamics 365 was announced, he said that his goal was an app that could improve your business and was as easy to use as the popular apps that we use every day.

Read on to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how it can help your business.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform that combines customer relationship management (CRM) tools and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. The Apps included are Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Product Service Automation and Marketing.

It's available in both Enterprise and Business editions. The Business Edition is for small companies with 10 to 250 users. Whereas the Enterprise Edition is designed for companies with more than 250 users.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we see that the company drew on its previous expertise in developing and supporting CRM tools. It used that experience together with current technology.

The goal of this new software? Helping businesses improve their productivity.

It's Easy to Get Started No Matter Where You're Located

With Dynamics 365, companies have the option of having the system installed in the cloud, onsite or even as a hybrid of the two.

For large, multinational corporations, have an onsite installation may be the preference. For many smaller companies, the cost of installing equipment would be astronomical.

Instead, when the system is installed in the cloud, the company has complete control over the costs and size of it. Additionally, they can make updates and backups through the cloud as needed.

Customizable and Scalable for Your Business

Dynamics 365 offers a series of options on top of the Enterprise or Business Editions. The licensing options also provide customizability regardless of the size or complexity of your business.

The licensing fees are charged per user per month. It's $50 for full users and a significant discount of $5 for light users. Even the Enterprise Edition offers this kind of flexibility, different licensing types and per-user billing.

To compare, full users will have access to Dynamic 365's full range of applications. This would be necessary for people who need to be able to input into the platform such as salespeople and customer service reps.

The light users, on the other hand, have limited access to the platform. They can view data and reports and make minimal entries in some applications such as expense entries or updating HR records.

With this system, a company doesn't need to face the challenge of installing a full system at once. Instead, they can implement it in stages as they need new capabilities and services.

This is also helpful for growing companies. There's no need to waste resources in an attempt to future-proof their CRM systems. Instead, Dynamics 365 is a scalable platform that grows with your company.

Data That Provides Implementable Insights

CRM platforms have always gathered data on your company's leads and customers. How a business uses that data can be the dividing point between mediocrity and success.

Using Power BI (business intelligence), the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers on-the-go-analytics.

Your sales and business development teams will benefit from the user-friendly visualization tools that make data easy to share and interpret. Additionally, the platform has predictive analysis capabilities which will help your company anticipate coming trends.

Improves Communications Through Connected Operations

Previously, there were significant communications barriers between teams. This barrier between parts of a business leads to miscommunications.

When these groups unite, they can work together as two arms that are connected to the same brain. By combining the elements of the business, a company can improve their lead times and efficiency. Ultimately, these time and financial savings will improve their bottom line.

Upgrades Your Sales and Marketing Abilities

One of the main benefits of Dynamics 365 is how its enhanced CRM platform will upgrade your sales and marketing teams. For one, the platform's dashboard displays a complete list of current and prospective clients.

These lists are then compared against user data collected and analyzed by Power BI. The resulting data helps companies design and create hyper-targeted campaigns. The advertisement from these campaigns resonates with their target demographics.

Your sales teams will appreciate that there is a mobile version of Dynamics 365. This means that they can access the insights that they need at any time, whether they're in the office or grabbing a coffee on-the- between meetings.

Helps You Put the Customer First

In business, customer satisfaction is always your goal. It doesn't matter if you work in a tiny B2C company selling a niche product or a huge B2B conglomerate with multibillion-dollar deals. If clients are unhappy with the services they receive, they will go elsewhere.

The integrated customer service tools within Dynamics 365 will give your employees the ability to have a full view of each client's case.

The user interface is designed with the client in mind. This helps service representatives track the progress of sales as they are happening. This helps them can be proactive in their customer service. With a proactive customer service team, clients never feel neglected or overlooked.

Are You Ready for a New Way of Doing Business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become popular with companies because it enables them to improve their business.

Using a tool that is scalable, integrated across disciplines and connected to other services is better for a business. Not only that, but employees are able to easily get started and benefit from the system.

Confused about how to get started with cloud computing? Contact us and we'll help you get started.

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