Make this change in your Google Analytics settings now, or lose data on 5-25


Google announced “Today we introduced granular data retention controls that allow you to manage how long your user and event data is held on our servers.  Starting May 25, 2018, user and event data will be retained according to these settings; Google Analytics will automatically delete user and event data that is older than the retention period you select.”

This impacts more things than you think it might.  If you manage a Google Analytics account, you will likely want to change it to “Do not automatically expire”.  Doing so does not make it non-GDPR compliant by nature, you will still have to implement compliant policies as you manage the data.  Legal counsel can guide you through that.

For those customers whom we manage directly, we have done this for you already.

If you are unsure if we manage it, or you want it included in your monthly contract, just reach out and we’ll help you make it happen.

This is how you can change the setting yourself:


Image 0343: How To Make Change

Remote Assistance:

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