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In a society that depends on workers who are more creative and innovative than their automaton counterparts, digital training is imperative. Being able to design complex software or innovative product designs are no longer preferred qualities, but required.

200 million adults populate today's digital workforce, and yet only one out of ten of them describe themselves as being proficient in the tools they utilize daily. This results in 21% of their time at work being lost due to deficient digital skills and an estimated $1.3 trillion loss to the US economy.

The technology gap has some serious implications. Taking the necessary time and providing the necessary resources for your workers to become proficient at their jobs is the first step in narrowing the gap. If you'd like to learn more about how to get the process started and increase your efficiency instantly, follow along.

Digital Training Basics


There are eight core skills every employee working for you must have by the end of training. They must know how to:

  • Work with documents
  • Manage and collaborate on projects
  • Platform flexibility
  • Communication skills (online and offline)
  • Digital Etiquette
  • How to research on the web
  • Manage their attention
  • Security and privacy

Your workers cannot simply be adept at the one quality their job focuses on. They must be able to adapt to new scenarios and platforms and to respond quickly to issues that may arise.

Working With Documents

Documents are the perfect tools to store and analyze data. They communicate ideas within the company and between the vendor and client. Being fully aware of how to utilize them as a resource is incredibly important for the well-functioning of your business.

If your workers don't understand how to work with a particular document type, time will be lost and errors in the analysis may appear. It's imperative to take the time and resources to teach employees how to work with the business's set of chosen programs.

Manage and Collaborate on Projects

Teamwork is sometimes an essential component when it comes to meeting deadlines or creating complex projects or presentations. A worker's ability to navigate the business's workflow and project management tools will determine how well projects within and across departments will turn out.

Inadequate training in this area can lead to losses and delays on important deadlines.

Platform Flexibility

Your workers should know how to translate their skills from one platform to the next. Being comfortable with different operating systems, apps, or devices is integral to modern digital businesses.

The dominant operating system changes throughout the years and across industries. Smartphones and tablets continue to become more innovative and different from their counterparts. Knowing how to work around these differences will increase your company's productivity and will remove any issues associated with compatibility and inability.

Communication Skills

Managing inbound and outbound communication effectively is incredibly important for the productivity of a business. Being organized is the biggest component at play since it allows workers to relay important information quickly and effectively.

Employees should be very familiar with email and the company's preferred method of communication within and between departments. In fact, most workers spend 28% of their time reading or responding to email. Even slight improvements in their productivity due to digital training can leave ample amounts of time to perform other tasks.

Digital Etiquette

Digital training must comprise of some sort of "netiquette" class. Employees should be made aware of the courtesy that must be followed while online and the set of rules that accompany their access to the net.

There are risks associated with the failure to communicate these rules, such as copyright infringement. A simple talk on basic copyright laws can avoid a long and hard struggle with lawyers or law enforcement.

Researching On the Web

Harnessing the vast amounts of information available on the web is an incredible skill your employees must have. This skill can allow your company's employees to improve the quality of their work.

The most important skill that must be learned in this area is how to manage the overwhelming amount of information that is invariably at the fingertips of everyone. Discarding unnecessary data and retrieving only what is needed is what will improve productivity and decrease losses. This cannot be done properly and efficiently without some sort of digital training in the area.

Managing Attention

The web is an incredibly distracting world. Having measures in place, such as website blockers, can increase your worker's productivity during the day. However, there is only so much a supervisor can block without blocking some valuable resources.

The digital training should encompass some section in which employees are taught how to manage their attention and fight the urge to procrastinate. Avoiding distractions by focusing on priorities will boost company productivity.

Security and Privacy

A company's files must always be closely guarded, whether they be financial documents or project reports. Leaks can results in thousands of dollars of loss, depending on what documents are retrieved.

Digital training must include security and privacy training. It will not only keep your company document's safe, but also the private details of your staff intact.

What This Will Cost You

Designing and delivering digital training is not simple, or inexpensive. On average, companies and organizations will spend about $1,252 per employee on direct teaching costs. Although the cost may be high, incorporating digital training into the set of required trainings is imperative for the safety and well-functioning of your business.

Wrapping Up

High-performing companies are the ones who spend the most on training. It's not a coincidence that their work pays off the most since their productivity levels are through the roof and they rarely have any liability issues. This illustrates the fact that if you invest in your worker's knowledge through digital training, it will definitely pay off.

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