The Truth About Cyber Crime



People often have a lot of the same questions when it comes to cyber security. What is it, why are they at risk, and how can they protect themselves.

Anyone is at risk 

Some people are under the misconception that only big companies are subject to attacks from hackers. This is understandable considering how the media always makes a big deal when large companies are compromised or attacked. Little companies seldom make the headlines since they aren't well known, but that doesn't mean they aren't constantly targeted. 61% of data breach victims have under 1,000 employees, why? Because small businesses are usually a quick and easy target since they are less likely to have invested in cyber security. Have you ever received a suspicious email riddled with spelling or grammatical errors? You or your business could have been the target of a phishing scam, designed to steal your sensitive information.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

The cost of a data breech is far more than you'll ever have to pay for cyber security. Making it a really good investment to get started on building your security before a breach happens. Data breaches mean legal fees, loss of business, and paying an IT company to try and recover your files. All of that can add up to a hefty bill if you don't prepare yourself to be attacked by hackers. There are several ways to be more secure when working in the digital world, not all of which require a dent in your wallet. The simple act of enabling multifactor authentication can make your account that much more secure against attacks, because while a hacker can figure out your passcode they probably won't have your cellphone.

Knowledge is power 

There is no single solution for cyber security, it takes a holistic approach and training. While some people think technology can fix all their problems, downloading an antivirus can't save you from a phishing scam. You need to be informed about the changing methods of attack and the best ways to protect yourself even if you have the latest technology because hackers are constantly adapting. Another part of cyber safety is making sure your employees are trained on how to handle sensitive information to avoid breaches in security. 
While all businesses face the risk of being targeted in cyber-attacks, not all of them are prepared for it. But by staying educated on new attacking methods and how to protect ourselves against it, we can attempt to secure our businesses from this growing threat. Online security has become a priority in our daily lives, so why wouldn’t' we place the same importance for our business?  

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