Your Florida Business Disaster Checklist


With the impending arrival of Hurricane Irma, now more than ever it's important to remember that your business needs to be just as prepared as your home. First you should be aware that small disasters are just as bad as big ones. An employee accidentally deleting an important file, spilled water finding its way into your servers, or a power outage due to bad weather.  


1. Back up all important files in a secure offsite location or cloud data center. This should be done regularly, not just during threat of disaster. 
2. Migrating your info to the cloud can also allow you to work away from the office on whatever device you have available to you. 
3. Shut down your computers completely and unplug them, or if they are plugged into a surge protector unplug that. 
4. Unplug your ethernet cable from the back of your computer 
5. Power off and unplug any other electronics 
6. Put computers and electronics in an elevated location in case of flooding. 
7. Make sure any physical copies of software are stored in a secure location where they can't be damaged 
8. Organize any licenses, contracts, or important records and store them in a secure location. 


Once you've weathered the storm you'll be happy you were prepared and ready to start your disaster recovery plan.

1. Make a note of fallen powerlines in the area 
2. Call your insurance provider 
3. Gather your records 
4. If your insurance doesn’t cover the damages look into recovery financing 
5. Keep wary of people posing to be SBA employees and trying to charge you for any help 
6. Call your IT provider for guidance on how to set everything back up 
7. Check with your electric company as to when power will return 

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