18 Windows tricks you should know

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Who doesn't like a good list of usefull tips and tricks to help them learn to use their products? Everyone does, because they're easy to digest and they go right to the point when trying to teach you something.


  1. Windows Directory Statistics lets you see what files and folders are taking up valuable space when you're looking to clear out the clutter on your drive
  2. Long reboot times? Use Windows key + R then type msconfig into the window that pops up in order to edit the programs that start up when you boot up your computer
  3. Delete a whole word at once while typing with CTRL + Backspace
  4. Paste text as it was copied with CTRL + Shift + V, CTRL + ALT + V shows a special paste option, and CTRL + Spacebar removes the formatting of the text
  5. Printing your current screen with ALT + Print Screen to avoid printing the display on any other screens connected
  6. CTRL + Z undoes mistakes when you're typing, can bring back accidentally deleted files, and recover closed tabs in Chrome or Firefox.
  7. Cycle through your open programs/windows with ALT + TAB or Windows key + TAB
  8. Close current programs with ALT + F4
  9. Minimize all your windows with Windows key + D
  10. Open your Task Manager when you're in a pinch with CTRL + SHIFT + ESC
  11. Close tabs and windows with CTRL + W
  12. Pull up your computers system information with the Windows key + Pause Break
  13. Utilize multiple monitors like a pro. Using Windows key + Arrows moves windows from one monitor to the next gradually, Shift + Windows key + Arrows causes it to jump to the next monitor, and Windows key + P allows you to set up the second display/projector easily.
  14. Speed up your website search by using CTRL + Enter to automatically add www. and .com to whatever you typed into the address field, and CTRL + Shift + Enter makes it .net instead of .com
  15. Recover your closed tab with CTRL + Shift + T
  16. Open private browsing with CTRL + Shift + N or CTRL + Shift + P
  17. Flip through open tabs with CTRL + TAB
  18. Lock your computer with Windows key + L

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