Dynamics 365 Marketing Solution


With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition, you get a powerful suite of marketing tools.  Email campaigns, marketing automation, event management, website lead forms, landing pages, etc... and all are integrated with Office 365.  Now you can drop all the different marketing service you are using now and have one powerful marketing platform.

Dynamics Marketing helps you target the right audience for your campaigns by allowing you to see all of them in one convenient place. This eliminates the need to filter though several lists on multiple accounts or pages and allows you to complete marketing campaigns more efficiently. The new designer tools are very user friendly and makes it easy for multiple segments to be combined as well as created. These all work together in order to create seamless customer journeys that can be reviewed at later times in order to better customize the campaigns they are receiving. 


Multichannel campaigns are also made easier with these features, your marketing team can get the most out of their program. A simple to use drag and drop interface will make it easy when creating or editing campaigns. Being able to view the content while you edit and embed content, designers will cut down time spent creating campaigns. There are event driven automation features and in place insights to provide the best user experience possible. All working together to create easy visualizations of customer journeys. 


Dynamics also facilitates email marketing at scale for your business. With a rich template gallery for easy set up and an html editor with drag and drop capabilities, making email campaigns has never been easier. You'll be working with in place previews as well as inbox previews of campaigns through litmus. There will also be the option of embedding analytics into the campaign. Another feature that will help your marketing team get a better idea of the audiences they are targeting will be the integration of geo maps and heatmaps. 


Microsoft has also made steps towards streamlining your marketing teams process by creating an easy to use lead management system. Landing pages are easy to make and easy to navigate, forms can be created in place. There are no complicated scoring rules, and they are easy to visualize. Your team will also have access to analytics in place instead of having to hunt for them and leave the page they are on. This will allow your marketing team to generate and prioritize the demands of your company's leads as they work while keeping everything saved to one location. 


These features of Dynamics 365's Marketing solutions will change the way your team handles marketing while integrating with the rest of your company. Allowing for Sales to work with Marketing, Marketing to organize Events, and many more departments to work together in order to form a comprehensive summary of information on your clients. 

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