Streamline your sales team's processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business Edition


Between what we learned from the Dynamics webinar, and recently posted information there is a lot to look forward to in the coming release of Dynamics 365

User benefits

Simplified lead to cash process so that more deals can be closed for a more productive sales team. It also leaves  customer information stored in one secure and easy to use place which can be accessed from any of their devices. Because it's integrated into Office 365 you can send emails from dynamics through exchange online and share sales documents with SharePoint. It also allows for you to connect with customers and coworkers with skype for easy communication. The relationship assistant reminds you when activities are coming up and generates action cards from your communications for insights you can take action on. 

Forms, views and flow designs 

1. Rearrange fields with drag and drop

2. Field explorer search capabilities

3. Click once to access section and field properties inline

4. Edit fields inline on canvas 

5. Multi select fields on forms 

6. New format types with drag and drop for field creation 

7. Sort columns with one click to the header 

8. Filters with side by side configurations for a better experience

9. Grids with sample data to give a preview of the views 

10. Easy theme creation with logo customization


Product management

Streamlining the process of keeping up-to-date catalog of products. Adding automatic configuration of default duplicate detection keeps the same information being entered multiple times and cuts down on wasted time. Some entities that will be included in the business edition are: Accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities (+opportunity product), quotes (+quote product), invoices (+invoice product), activities (phone call, email, appointment, task), and products. 

Analytics tools

New dashboards give visual insight on sales data at a glance for easy management of sales and clients; While charts are a more comprehensive yet easy to understand way to get higher levels of analysis. New templates can help your team have professional looking sales documents, records, and reports to share with clients. 


Mobile apps allow for deeper engagement with customers on the go. You can arrive prepared for appointments with past attachments, marketing reports, and sales records for particular clients with the Dynamics Sales app. It can also be used from the Outlook app to view dynamics info on people cc'd in emails as well as link emails/appointments to records in dynamics which will then become an activity. With more and more people working on the go it makes it that much more important for companies to store all of their information in one secure place. With Dynamics Sales, users will be able to open records from the app, track outlook contacts, add calls, appointments, tasks, and activities efficiently. 



Microsoft has created an easy way to get around dashboard to be as easy to use as the SharePoint Online dashboard. You can see recently viewed documents and the list of records in the selected work areas for easy navigation. Docking the menu also gives you quick access to frequently used records. 

Customized Streamlined Administration 

Microsoft is providing advanced settings for easy customization. A birds eye view of all of the available settings helps to keep management in one convenient place to create a more streamlined management solution. They've also made creating and managing users simple and easily done within one application.


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