Say Hello to Dynamics 365 Event Planning

Event Management in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business

If you’re company plans lots of events you're in for a real treat because the event management aspect of Office 365 is going to be great. Some things to look forward to are:

Integrated office 365 apps

Dynamics works seamlessly with Office 365 in order to provide a seamless integration of the things your company really needs. Files will be saved to the cloud, contacts will have their emails attached, and you will be able to use the collaborative tools you've seen in Office 365.

Strong task management

A  sitemap with lots of tools allows for easy editing will help cut back the time it takes to create and edit events. Making it easier for planners to get events rolling in an efficient manner and keep their projects organized for easy execution.

Comprehensive contact and lead management 

Contacts and leads your Sales team has aquired are able to be organized In a way that provides the maximum opportunity for marketing and providing value to event planners. You will be able to see what their interests are, what past events or marketing they responded to so that you can provide them with an equally valuable opportunity.

Hub of info linking, sessions, and tracks for organization 

Because this is a feature of the Dynamics CRM all of the information you get from a contact will be saved on their contact card. Emails, events attended, and even files sent between you and the contact will be linked and put together into their contact card to organize and provide a clear view of the history the contact has had with you/your company.

Event Organization

Venue organization, registration, check ins, passes for paid events, and event portal with readable url's will make it incredibly easy for event planners to stay organized. By providing a way to say organized it will simplify the allocation of resources and provide a stress free event deployment.

Self-service registration 

Will allow people who are interested in the event to register/purchase their event ticket or passes to their convivence. It will also provide helpful tracking for the planner which will be recorded in the persons contact card for future marketing opportunities. 

Speakers and speaking engagement

A web page feature that can provide information to people interested in the event about speakers or events which will have speakers. This can make the event seem friendlier and give a more comprehensive view on what to expect if they decide to sign up.

Event sponsorship 

This will allow you to feature the people or companies sponsoring your events on the event page. A feature that could incentivize people to sponsor the event, as well as let possible attendees and atendees of who is supporting your events. 

Attendance history for contacts

This feature can help your company better target marketing efforts to the people who avidly participate in your events. By providing a more intelligent way to manage resources and target the right audience. All events that contacts attent will be recorded in their contact card history which can allow for more customizable marketing and communication in the future to provide the most valuable information for them.

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