The Real Power Of Original Content Creation


Feel Human

Not so long ago we relied on our community in order to do business and make purchases. Small businesses thrived and were trusted by the community to provide them with quality goods or services. There was a sense of familiarity when you walked into a family owned market, said your hello's, invited them to a BBQ you were having over the weekend and then continued your shopping.

This sense of familiarity has begun to decline as we move to a more digital setting to do our business and family owned businesses are replaced by corporations. So how do we combat this and prevent the dehumanization of our brand to inspire those nostalgic feelings of trust and friendship with a business?

There are small things you can do to help your business feel more friendly to the people visiting it. Start by having good pictures of your team, you want them to come off as approachable so you should avoid stoic pictures that feel stiff. This doesn't mean your pictures have to be goofy, but you should find ways to add some personality to the photos.

Another important factor is having a uniformity as far as how the pictures are taken, you don't want one person on a boat while everyone else is standing in front of a grey background. Having a staff page that looks out of sync can look sloppy and unprofessional even if they are nice pictures, you want to strive for a uniformity in the style the pictures are taken.

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Get Visitors

It's a little like fishing, you need to have the right bait if you want to catch any fish. So if you want to be consistent in your visitor fishing you need to make sure your bait(content) is fresh and relevant in order to attract them to your hook(business). Fresh bait means fresh fish, so on top of being quality content you want to make sure you are updating it on a regular basis in order to continue to be relevant in the industry. 

Improving the quality of your content and focusing on building your SEO around that content can boost your rank and improve your value to the audience. This value can encourage repeat visitors to your website and help you form a reputation of being a reliable source of information about your industry. As more people begin to trust the information you are providing, you will gain more visitors to the content on your website that could trickle into our other pages to potentially become leads. 

Rank UP

"Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful"
If you're looking to improve your websites rank it is important that you align yourself with Google's mission. To be useful you need to be proving the user with informative and relevant content to what the user is searching. By continuously updating the content on your website you increase your chances of Google's crawlers matching pages to your website to the searches of their users and gaining a better rank when people linger on your pages.

Google crawlers are robots that come to your website and map out your pages. When they find juicy pages, they link them to searches in order to have you appear on search pages for the user to find. Having content rich pages makes you a more valuable resource to the users, and gets you brownie points with Google since you will be featured more often. This will give you a higher chance of getting lots of visits and increase your rank.

Because Google loves to see fresh content on your site they are constantly sending out crawlers, so you want to make sure you give them something to look at. Something as simple as having a blog area with useful content for your industry can greatly impact how your website is ranked, and the location it appears on the search page. Showing google that you are providing fresh content to your audience will make them more likely to feature you on their top pages and results. 

Stay Fresh

Content is one of the main elements that will attract new visitors to your site and keep regulars coming back. With this in mind you want to be able to provide these visitors a hook, but also be valuable enough for them to return to browse the content you publish weekly. Just like Google the user is searching for useful and valuable content, it is your job to provide that for viewership as well as a good rank. Maintaining fresh content is a great way to keep your website relevant.

Your industry is most likely constantly evolving, addressing these adaptions and changes lets people know you're keeping an eye on it. In order to remain relevant I any industry you must be ready to adapt to the changes in order to remain up to date with the newest technology or practices available. You're also more likely to attract the attention of people browsing for information if your site and content look new and updated.

Build authority

Having a blog dedicated to prevalent information in your industry lets visitors know that you know what you're doing. You are also increasing your value to your customer/audience and establishing trust when you have a blog that provides them with information regarding your industry. If you are able to create content that is both informative and engaging you increase the chances of people returning to your blog/news page for more of your insight.

Writing information your audience wants to read as well as should read in order to learn more about the industry to gain an edge when conducting business will help you build a solid reputation. All because you are creating original content for your website that your target audience enjoys enough to keep coming back for. 


Avoid stock

A picture is worth a thousand words. So what are your pictures saying about your company? Stock images are like bland mac and cheese, sure you can stomach it but you'd rather be eating a baked homemade version with some flavor.

The problem with stock images is that most of them have hundreds of variations that look exactly alike and can be found all across the internet on a variety of websites. Having high quality photos of your staff, products, and business are all great ways to engage the visitors to your page. People enjoy going onto team pages to learn about the people they are doing businesses with because it allows them to connect with your staff.


Website trends tend to come and go as web designers improve on their designs but one thing that has always been important is the need for visual aids. Currently the trend is to make websites in a magazine style with large pictures and a cleaner design. The multiple photo layout ends up being very appealing to the eye, especially when you manage to use high quality images to keep that magazine type feel. This style engages visitors using visuals and encourages them to browse the rest of your site to see the content on other pages.

Videos on the homepage and pages featuring videos on products, have also become very popular because it engages visitors. You can walk them through how to use the products, show them in action, or just give a more comprehensive breakdown on how they look and feel. 
Original content has many benefits it can make your website Google friendly, increase your visitors, and build credibility. While it is important to build and develop a brand, we can't forget that at the root of our business we are still people. People who want to be entertained, to look at nice pictures, and feel confident with the people we are doing business with. So if we have an online presence we need to make sure that the content we are providing follows our mission and image in order to provide the best experience for our customers. This includes providing them with high quality pictures and content to help inform them about what is going on in the industry so that we provide them with excellent service so that they will come back. 

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