How Cloud Computing, IT Solutions, and Software as a Service can change your business


Cloud Computing

An estimated 60% of business users will have access to cloud capabilities by 2022.

The cloud is a service that allows your business a level of flexibility not afforded to those using the traditional in-house server. It is also a far more cost-effective method to invest in, there is no overhead or maintenance to worry about like the servers. You get the same benefits of storing all of your information without the hassle of worrying about damages or theft that could occur.

A Cloud Service paired with an IT Service Provider can allow a company to become efficient and cut a lot of costs. Using the cloud for storage helps reduce risks that IT specialists often deal with like recovering lost data or creating backups in case of a disaster.

Since all the information is stored in multiple server hubs and accessed online it creates a level of security for the files in question and reduces to need to have an IT professional trying to secure them at all times. Instead they can focus on preventative actions for data breaches and fixing immediate issues within the company on a needed basis

IT Solutions

“Every company has associates who use enterprise file sync and share services—whether approved or not.”

Having an in-house IT Department versus outsourcing is really a matter of opinion and the needs of the business. As a service, IT support is like ordering a la carte at a sushi bar. You only pay for what you are asking for and its very cost effective until you start piling on the different pieces you order.

Many companies enjoy the freedom of this type of IT support because they don’t have to worry about the management or responsibilities of having them in house. Instead they can worry about their business while the IT service provider fixes issues and work through preventative measures to keep your business running smoothly.

 Creating this on demand environment allows for a rich user experience and streamlined problem resolutions. By working with Microsoft Office 365, it becomes even more streamlined when you can save your information to their cloud where it is secure, and still use the products you are familiar with to conduct your business.


Let’s use Microsoft 365 as an example, which comes with three different options you can subscribe to instead of outright purchase. Business and Business Premium both come with the office applications you are familiar with having on your desktop just like when you would buy the physical software CD.

They also come with the online services like Exchange Online for email, OneDrive and SharePoint for files, and other useful tools for your business depending on which of the two subscriptions you choose. Business Essentials on the other hand, has all the services available online and the online version to the office apps.

While the online versions of the office applications don’t have all the capabilities of the desktop versions, they do have all the most popular features you could need. As a service, you would be paying between $5-$12.50 for the office products where in the past you would be paying over $100 to have just the office applications for your devices. Subscriptions are also very cost effective compared to outright purchase, not to mention the convenience of being able to use the products online from any device even when you’re working away from your office.

Remote Assistance:

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