What is SEO and why do you need it


A method for your website to communicate with search engines and increase its performance, but that’s not all. 

Create a Presence

Exposure is the key to growth in the search age. Which means it is important that you are maintaining good content on your website and creating new content regularly to build a good search ranking for your website. Being on the first page of a search means that you have good reliable content that website visitors will want to read.

Getting to that first page requires you to prove to Google that you have the relevant information people are looking for and having a low bounce rate. Having a high bounce rate will signal google that your site is not entertaining or relevant to people and result in a lower rank.

Another important part of creating a presence is making sure that you have a solid site. Opting for a responsive website will benefit your presence online because it will be easy for people to navigate no matter what device they use. Which in turn will make them more likely to stick around and explore your site instead of leaving because it’s too hard to navigate.

Increase your Traffic

Humans are usually lazy when it comes to trying to find all the options or answers to their questions, instead of scrolling through multiple pages we’d rather pick one of the first relevant ones we see. Rank can determine a websites location it’s important for companies to keep that in mind and try and keep their rank up.

One of the benefits of having a good rank and being on the first few pages is the impression that you have a reliable website that can be trusted. These factors will lead to an increase in traffic from people looking for a quick reliable resource to answer their questions or provide them a service.

Lower your Costs

Marketing your company can start to add up when you start calculating the costs of advertisements and building a brand. While SEO is used to measure organic searches, there are other cost friendly methods to marketing your business.

Services like AdWords benefit businesses by being a flexible method of gaining more traffic by allowing you to set your own budgets and deciding on how much you want to invest in certain keywords.

Another benefit of Google AdWords is that you can let it run on its own for the most part after calibrating it and will keep running at desired hours keeping your ads running if there’s still money in the budget. This method can be cost efficient since you have all control over how much money you are spending on your marketing.

Provide better Usability

Most businesses strive to provide a quality website to form a brand that people will come to recognize. By mapping out your website SEO helps your website become more navigable so that both browsers and visitors can easily find their way around your website. Not only will it make your website easier to use, but it will also help you build your brand because people will be able to comfortably visit your website.

Easy to navigate websites are a great way to ensure that people will return, which can lead to your business earning a good rank. Having people become repeat visitor’s signals Google and other search engines that you have a reliable website that people enjoy visiting which will encourage them to place you higher on the search page.

Experience Growth

Every year the rate of internet searches is increasing due to the growth in the technology available to us. Smart phone usage for searches is around 80% with people looking to the internet to answer their questions and solve their needs. So how does your company get to the top of the search list? You make sure that you build a good relationship with Google by having quality contents and good SEO tags on your site.

Even better you don’t have to worry about tons of upkeep on promoting yourself to customers because you can have ads set up to customizable times. Not to mention all the great features that will make sure your targeting to the best audiences to see your business presence start to grow.

Enjoy the Returns

Search engine optimization can be a powerful method to get your website more traffic and improve how you appear to your target audience, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Having good content is an important factor if you want the SEO tags to work at their full potential. Google uses your content to gauge the quality of information you have to offer to people searching and determines your relevancy in order to rank you. Having a responsive website makes it easier to navigate for potential customers and makes it easier for browsers to crawl your website to map it.

By equipping yourself with the right information you can bring your business up to its full potential using the resources online. If nothing else it provides a cost-effective method of marketing and brand building that is easy to work and manage.

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