What is Responsive Web Design and why do you need it


Did you know that 69% of smartphone owners turn to mobile searches in their moment of need? In any given day you have 80% of people searching by phone instead of other devices because it’s a convenient method while you're on the go. That means a lot of people are depending on their phones to be able to bring them the information they need. Have you ever discovered how frustrating it is to navigate a non-responsive page on your device? You spend five grueling minutes trying to zoom in so you can see the page's content only to be refreshed and lose your place. In other words, if you want happy customers you need to switch to a responsive site. Now lets look at some of the top reasons you and your buisness should consider responsive design.

It works everywhere

You can be confident that your consumers can navigate your site with ease if you've opted for a responsive design. They will be able to use their phones, tablets, AND computers to visit your website whenever they want. Imagine all the traffic you could have lost if someone couldn't navigate due to incompatibility with their device? With a simple update to your website design you could increase the traffic on your site and boost sales.  

The user experience is excellent

Easy to use sites are a bonus to potential customers because it makes their lives easier and keeps them happy. With a responsive website design not only will your website look good, but it'll run smoothly as people navigate it on their various devices.  If you have a non-responsive site that is difficult or impossible to navigate on anything besides a computer you should be prepared to lose a lot of traffic since mobile searches are increasing. 

It's cheaper 

Let's see, comissioning a responsive website. . . or a website plus a mobile app? You're investing in a professional website, shouldn't you be getting the most bang for your buck? With a responsive site you get a 2 in 1 deal for a single price, while web apps take a long time to develop and even more time to maintain. With the web app the cost would be a lot more than that of a responsive site due to the time and complexity, not to mention the dent it would make in your wallet. So save your money and go responsive.

Google will love you 

You heard me right, google will forever love you. . .Well sort of, they'll certainly give your website a little more affection compared to the sites that aren't responsive. It'll also give you a better rank with them and give you an edge over competitors who don't pay attention to their ranks. Google ranks play a big role in where your website is listed so the better the rank, the closer you are to that top search result. It is important for your website to have a good relationship google if you want to get the right exposure. 

It's a load off your shoulders 

Do you really want to worry about editing two different platforms in order to keep your website current? Not only will you have to maintain your website, you'll have to slave over that web app you thought was a good idea before you actually worked on it. But let's not even talk about how much work it would be to maintain multiple sites! Instead you could skip the hassle and just update your awesome responsive website and take the rest of your time to relax. 

With all these things considered it's easy to see why it would be in everyone's best interest to opt for responsive sites. Not only is it a lot easier for you to manage, it also makes it more convinient for your customers to navigate. That will ensure that your website traffic doesn't drop off because of usability issues, and you don't lose any potential customers because your site wouldn't open on mobile. 

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