18 Cool Tips and Tricks on how to use Office 365

Office 365 Tips and Tricks

PowerPoint Design

A few years ago, it took time to set up a PowerPoint presentation. You had to pick the layouts, backgrounds, fonts, and transitions. With pre-designed templates you cut the time spent looking for backgrounds and maximize your content output. Along with templates with customizability they’ve implemented a design feature that gives you suggestions as to how you should set up your slides after inserting an image. When you insert a picture a side bar appears to the left with a few options on how you could have it laid out, after selecting it your slide will be changed to reflect your choice.

 Image 0219: design


Is a new transition that allows you to duplicate a slide and move around its components to make it look like they have shifted. This creates a sort of gif by changing their sizes, location, and rotation of the objects. Then when you start playing the slideshow you’ll be able to see the transition in motion. For example, these pumpkins look like they were thrown up high and are spinning as they fall.

 Image 0220: morph

Tell me what you want to do

This new helpful feature can help you find and execute quite a few actions. Insert pictures, share the document, insert a chart from excel, or even print. You’ll find this box next to the acrobat tab. To use it just type in simple text and it’ll bring up suggestions based on what you’ve typed to choose from. For example, if you needed to insert a check box you would type in and click on “check box” and it will insert it for you. If you’re looking for help on that topic, there is also an option at the bottom which will say “Get help on. . .” that you can get information from.

Image 0221: tellmew


Now when inserting pictures or searching, you have this dandy option of using Bing. This way you can do everything right in the documents as opposed to opening a separate browser to find your information or pictures. There are two options on how you can do this. Either right click and select smart look up, or go into the “Tell me what you want to do box.”  You can find images, define words, web search, and explore Wikipedia.

Image 0218: bing

Out with Clutter, in with Focused

Clutter is being retired and replaced with a more efficent focused inbox. Already a feature on the mobile version of outlook it will soon be available on the desktop version, it works by concentrating what outlook thinks are your important emails while pushing unimportant emails into an "other" section. Leaving you with a neater inbox with only the important emails you want to see and less junk. It also allows you to schedule messages to dissapear from your inbox and appear at a later designates time.

 Image 0222: focused


Now in mobile versions of office is a new featured called “Ink” You can choose custom colors from a color wheel and use them to draw on the document using a pen or highlighter. Select the draw tab from the ribbon, where there are four preset colors and a color wheel. Selecting the color wheel allows you to move the tab around to find a color. Allowing for more customizable markups of documents.

 Image 0223: ink

The Trinity

Outlook has also added three new plug ins for use within the outlook app. Send e-gift cards and schedule meetings at a Starbucks location using the Starbucks plug in. Use the PayPal plug in to send money securely to people via email. Or order an Uber ride in association with an event on your calendar, which will send you a reminder to confirm your ride on the day of the event.

 Image 0224: paypal

Image 0225: starbucks

Image 0226: uber


Enjoy a calendar assistant that can help you schedule meetings and share your availability directly through outlook. Also, get reminders to follow up on emails that haven’t gotten a response back and schedule your emails to go out at a later determined time.

 Image 0227: boomerang


A part of Microsoft business platform, it allows you to see what the people around you are working on (granted you’ll only see what you have permissions to). You can click a coworker’s name to see the list of documents they’ve worked on recently, or get an overview of the documents various people have been working on. It can be a helpful tool when keeping track of people working on specific documents, and since everything in synced to the cloud you can look at the different versions different people have edited.

 Image 0228: delve

Project Management

Use planner to set up a to do list for your work group. Set due dates for completion, share files, collaborate, and check the dashboard for the progress of your team. It is a good tool for keeping track of goals or milestones your group has acheived and keeping everyone on track.

 Image 0229: planner


Setting up your team as a group for a specific project will allow you to share a collective space. You’ll be able to share an inbox, OneDrive folder, and group on planner to set up goals and deadlines. This can help with the seamless transfer of information between team memebers, you wont have to worry about forwarding an email to all your team memebers when you get an upate regarding a change in your project because everyone will have access to it.

 Image 0230: groups

Take a poll

Using Sway you can create interactive PowerPoints with pictures and videos galore which makes it more interacive. By embedding PollEverywhere.com into your presentation you can also create poll to engage your viewers and get them to interact with your presentation. Which is a great method of keeping their focus on you and interested in what you are presenting.

 Image 0231: poll


Gigjam is a sharing app for your phone that lets you share temporary snippets of your Office 365 products with others. Whether it is text or a photo it is a quick and convenient tool if you don’t want to send an entire document.

 Image 0232: gigjam


Instead of having four people working on the same document then trying to piece it all together when the time comes to combine it. Take advantage of Microsoft collaborative capabilities. You can have your whole team editing the same document and see the changes happening in real time. Which will get rid of the hassle of trying to mix three or more different copies of the document and have it make sense.

 Image 0233: collab

Skype and Edit

If you're using Office 365 then you probably use Skype for business to communicate with your co-workers. With Office 365 you have two options on how to approach using the office products, the desktop app we all know and love or the online version. Both are acceptable options for you to use, though they have different advantages. The online versions has an automatic syncing system with your OneDrive folder, while on the desktop version you also have the option to saving it yo your harddrive(though that's not recommended). It's also introduced collaborative editing which allows you to view in real time what the other person is editing. But you may not know that you can chat directly in the document thanks to a skype plug in.

 Image 0234: skypeedit

Data maps

A new addition to Excel is a feature that can take the rows of data you have supplied and turn it into a map. It converts everything into images and organizes them into a state or country format based on the information you provide. You can find Power Map under the Insert/Map tab in your Excel document.

 Image 0235: map

Image 0236: maps

Reformat data in a snap

The fill down command used by hitting control-D, which populates a row based on the information you provide has helped people who fill out spreadsheets be more productive. Flash Fill on the other hand will learn what you're doing and reformat itself to match it after you click accept. While this isn’t a new feature, it is a convieniet tool for those on a Windows computer.

 Image 0237: excel

Make the unreadable readable

Having to scan a document was something that took time and effort, now Office Lense turns your phone into a portable scanner so you can snapshot and go. You can quickly snap a picture of a receipt or contract then watch as it's converted into a PDF, then it's uploaded it into your One Drive folder in order to file it away or email it to the necessary party. Not only that but it will take illegible whiteboard text and make it legible by enhancing the image, something that could come in handy if you use them in meetings. Having all of this saved to the cloud means you don't have to carry all that paper around with you, a very Green solution.

 Image 0238: officelense

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