Color theory and why it's important for your branding

Color theory and why it's important for your branding

Roses are red 
Nautical websites are blue, 
Luxury sure is sweet
 But how about some color too? 

Color Theory and Marketing

 In color theory, psychologists study how people perceive different colors to see how it affects their behavior and thoughts. With this information many companies choose a color scheme to best showcase their brand's intention. A great example would be how restaurants typically favor warm colors because they promote increased appetite and slightly elevate blood pressure. While Spa's and relaxation companies tend to go with the cool colors that promote stress relief and relaxation. Warm colors are red, orange, and yellow; Cool colors are blue, green, and purple. So what are these preconceptions we've associated with colors?


| Powerful | Confident | Classy | Calming | Dark | Slimming |

Black is very sleek, modern, and often used as a luxurious or serious platform for companies. However adding the right pop of color(Red, Purple, or Gold) can draw the attention of consumers easier than one with just muted colors. This will maintain the air of sophistication and class while giving your audience something that grabs their attention.

Image 0148: White


| Reserved | Modern | Clean | Cold | Sterile | Purity |

White is open, a blank slate that can be transformed into anything. As the universal pairing color, it will go with just about any other color on the spectrum leaving your choice limitless. Adding color accents to a white website can really give it a nice "pop" of freshness that is appealing to the eye. A softer shade of grey with a vibrant accent color would work well with a white theme.

Image 0149: white 


| Energized | Strong | Confident | Power | Passion | Bold | Trendy | Imaginative | 

Red is a color of action, passion, and sexiness. Think sports cars, red lipstick and red dresses on the runway, it demands your attention. It also can pair with a variety of combinations while maintaining its integrity and meaning. A great pairing would be black, grey, white, and red.

 Image 0150: red


| Serenity | Sad | Lonely | Inspirational | Calming | Stability | Honest | Cheerful | Wholesome |

Blue is calming and relaxing color. Mostly used on nautical websites ranging from navy to sky blue almost to the point of excess. Not all nautical websites have to be blue, and not all garden websites have to be green. Dare to be original and stand out from all of your competitors, if you look at the same variation of a company over and over it gets old real quick. Try picking a warm color scheme if your industry is typically a cool color environment, it will set you apart from the rest and give your audience something fresh to look at.

Image 0138: GeoBlue


| Tranquility | Calming | Stress relief | Natural | Optimistic | Reliable | Intelligent | Successful |

Green is very fresh and natural. The vibrant shades draw your eyes and the darker tones have a rich earthy feel to them. It is the color of tranquility, used often in branding for spas, and resorts, much like the color blue. It is also the color of success. Green is the color of richness, whether that means the bounty of the earth or the paper money we use to buy things. It is a good accent color to capture the attention, think of a traffic light "Green means go."

Image 0144: Green


| Cheerful | Warm | Energetic | Frustrating | Fatiguing |

Yellow is happy, frustrating, and captures the attention. We use yellow for safety colors because you can't not see it, it's a color so bright it nearly sears your retinas. Fun fact: over exposure to the color can actually damage your eyes because of how much it reflects light. Though it does tend to get peoples attention, you either love it or you hate it. It pairs well with darker colors to balance it out or bright colors so that it can really "pop"

Image 0145: Yellow


| Wealth | Regal | Wisdom | Exotic | Honorable | Creative | Glamourous | Sophisticated |

Purple is associated with royalty and the upper class because during the days of dying fabrics it was one of the most time consuming and difficult dyes to create due to the fact that it doesn’t appear naturally in the wild. Roman officials, European kings, queens, all wore the color purple as a symbol of status. Today it also symbolizes the highest of honors in the form of the purple heart medal, founded by George Washington. It goes well when paired with cream, black, gold, white, and a variety of colors.

Image 0143: purple


| Strength | Reliability | Isolating | Warmth | Comfort | Secure | Sophisticated |

Brown is  grounded , stable, reliable, and, well earthy. It can be a warm color if paired properly, and  have an air of sophistication. If you're looking to give your audience a feeling of security and comfort it is a good color choice. As an understated color it can have a striking impact with bright blues, reds, and pinks.

Image 0140: Brown Blue


| Energetic | Draws attention | Refreshing | Warm | Strong |

Orange is another warm cheerful color that draws attention, being less harsh than yellow and not quite as striking as red it sits comfortably in the middle. Another color with multiple paring options it excels as an accent color that balances out cool colors. 

Image 0146: Orange


| Calming | Nurturing | Compassion | Joyful | Creative | Vibrant |

Pink is a vibrant color that makes for a good accent. Used in moderation it can really bring a darker color scheme to life giving it a playful and refreshing feel to it. The vibrant color captures the attention much like its parent color, red.

Image 0139: GeoPink


Colors are Valuable in Marketing

As you saw above, color is a valuable part of the marketing of your business. A lackluster website is not going to cut it if you have competitors out there bringing their A game. Proper usage of color schemes and accents can do wonders in making your content have a vibrancy or "pop" that draws the attention of your audience and keeps them engaged. So it is important for you to sit down and consider:

A) What do my colors say about me? 
B) How do I compare to my competitors? 
C) Is there any way that my colors could be altered to make it more appealing to my audience?


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