Your Web Host Matters

Your Web Host Matters

Websites and online databases are hosted in colocated datacenters to insure reliability and speed.  The company who manages those servers and services is your web host.  Our recommended hosting partner is WDDX.Net.  They provide friendly service from an experienced support team without the hidden fees, and they offer true business-class hosting.

WDDX's servers are housed in a Type-1 all cement building located 15 feet above sea level along the FECI rail line, where every major fiber provider has facilities. Entry into the building requires biometric palm reader/access card combination.  The facility is manned 24/7/365 with well-laid precautions for global system failure. Should a tropical storm wreak havoc in the local area, websites and email will stay on line since there’s a generator with enough fuel for 6 weeks. With greater reliance on the Internet for business operations, this type of reliability is essential in any hosting service. 

You’ll discover that other hosting companies charge less, at least up front. When you need service -- "Oh, you wanted your files backed up? You'll need our Premium Support Plan! You need a data source configured? SSL Certificates installed? You need us to work with your Web Developers? You don't understand our confusing Control Panel and want us to just take care of it for you? That’s extra!" -- that’s when you realize that you get what you pay for.

Web Hosting: A service which provides the servers and connections required to make your website accessable

Domain Name: Your website's online address, for example is our domain name.  This is also used in email addresses after the @ symbol.

SSL Certificate: This is a verified digital key that provides encryption and authentication for websites and servers. Learn why your websites and servers need a SSL certificate.



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