Research-Based Email Marketing Tips for 2016

Research-Based Email Marketing Tips for 2016

An independent study commissioned by iContact revealed that small and medium-sized business spend the biggest share of their marketing budget on email marketing. And no wonder, email is one of the most effective channels for acquiring new customers and driving sales. This article will give you a concise summary of some of the most important current trends and best practices, based on reliable research data and many years of practical experience.

Mobile Rules Them All

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We love our mobile devices so much that we use them for just about everything from communication to web browsing, gaming, and, of course, email. 

In fact, Campaign Monitor found out that more than a half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. This makes mobile the most popular platform for email interaction.

Any email marketing campaign that wants to be competitive has to be fully optimized for mobile devices. Consequences that come from the neglect of mobile devices can be severe. According to Return Path, 63% of all US consumers delete any unoptimized email they receive.
The bottom line is clear; you should always make sure that your emails look great on all mobile devices and resolutions. Your customers will appreciate it, and your sales will grow.

Use Email to Effectively Generate Leads

HubSpot’s list of email marketing statistics reveals some pretty interesting facts about the use of email as a tool for generating leads. When compared to other lead-generating mechanisms, email can increase sales by 50 percent, yet it costs only a third of what you would pay for its alternatives.
Experienced marketers often follow a proven marketing formula that consists of four distinct stages: awareness raising, desire stimulation, the transformation from prospects into customers, and, finally, their long-term retention.

This method is very effective, despite being simple and easy to implement. It’s perfect as a solid base upon which you can build and improve on your own.

Email Is Perfect for Small-Business Owners

Business Email Marketing

Unlike many other forms of online marketing, email offers an excellent return on investment of 4,300 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Email marketing also dwarfs Facebook and Twitter with 40 times better customer acquisition rates and 17 percent higher conversions.
This means that small and medium-sized business owners can allocate their precious time more efficiently and gain the ability to focus on other things that are more in line with their core business. The money that would otherwise be spent on other social media can be put to a better use elsewhere.

Yes, Subject Lines Matters

Convince & Convert says that 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. It makes perfect sense. After all, the subject line is the first thing that people see and use to decide whether the particular email is worth their time and attention.

Writing a compelling and effective subject line is more of a science than an art. Sidekick confirms just how much a single, seemingly innocent word can change users’ desire to open an email. For example, “quick” decreased opening by 17 percent, but the word “free” and “tomorrow” caused 10 more percent of recipients to open the mail.
However, it can still be said that shorter subject lines written in an evocative tone that sparks curiosity and urgency are preferred over dry, generic ones.

Despite its unappreciated nature, email marketing remains to be an incredibly effective method how to drive any online business in 2016. By embracing some of the practices and trends outlined in this article, you are sure to come another step closer towards reaching your goals.

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