Increasing Web Conversions Using Calls To Action

Increasing Web Conversions Using Calls To Action

Running a successful website requires more than original content, proper SEO planning and captivating images. If the goal of your company's website is to promote and sell your products or services, then you need the proper use of call to action (CTA) elements to increase your revenue stream.

Creating original content and optimizing your SEO are the first steps to generating traffic and building your Internet brand. With the right marketing strategy and website design company, you can build up a loyal customer base and lay the foundation of a successful Internet business.

But this is still not enough to ensure the success of your business, and call to action sentences may be the missing link. For success today as well as tomorrow, the use of CTA elements can ensure your company is relevant for the foreseeable future.

Visitors come to your website to learn about your product or service, and do the proper research to educate themselves. By being informed, your customers will feel better about their purchase and have an increased sense of credibility when buying through you. But without the proper utilization of your call to action sentences, your online sales may suffer.

Call to action sentences ensure that your visitors know where to go and what to do. With the right amount of planning, clever CTA practices can influence buying decisions without your visitor even knowing. When you are thinking about call to action sentences or graphics, remember that your goal is to move your web visitor one step closer to buying from you.

How to Write a Good CTA

When you are considering your call to action elements for your ecommerce website, there are a few vital steps you should remember. Whether you want your user to add to cart, watch the video, add your company through social circles, or click on your served ad, these CTA basics will apply.

Keep it Simple

Brevity is the soul of more than just wit, because your call to action won’t be any good if it’s long winded and hard to understand. Keep your message short and sweet to keep your conversion rates high and keep your visitors interested.

This is a fine line to balance your web content, because you don’t want your potential CTA sentence to be void of specifics either. Try to keep that balance in mind when wording your first call to action sentence for your ecommerce website.

Be informative

Reinforcing your call to action sentence with data and statistical data that’s quantifiable and easy to grasp can really boost your online sales. Increasing your ecommerce sales is easy when you use a unique and effective call to action sentence and some specific details to show why your product or service is better.

Giving your audience a fast and easy way to understand why your product or service is superior is a great way to increase your bottom line. Users want to know that they are getting a good deal, and that your website is different for a reason. Show them why and see just how much your revenue grows through your ecommerce website platform.

Be Unique

Your call to action sentence should be brief, informative and most of all easy to see. If it’s buried on your page, or your website seems too busy, it will not only be hard to find it but almost impossible to buy. Visual cues and graphics can boost the effectiveness of your call to action sentence.

Call to action placement is usually up front and very obvious, for many reasons. Make sure to make your call to action elements stand apart on your website, through creative and inventive placement of your content, images and blank areas.

Don’t overdo it

While you want to increase your sales, you don’t want to come off as overbearing or pushy to your users. Don’t forget that your website needs original, informative content that users value, and don’t get caught up in the call to action derby.

You can avoid seeming pushy by using your imagination to put call to action sentences in different parts of your website. Even pages like your thank you page or contact us page are ways to increase your membership and newsletter members.

Make it Exciting

The last thing your call to action sentences need is to be boring. You want your readers to become excited and think about the possibilities using your product or service, not be bored with your presentation. Keep your copy fresh and engaging to drive up your conversion rate and increase sales.

Don’t get stuck in the “Learn More” rut, instead try phrasing your call to action content with sentences like “get a free e-book” or “discover how to lose weight” text. Eye catching presentation is required for your call to action to be effective.


Change it up and don’t stay in one mode of mind when you think about your call to action sentences. Make them different and unique so that your users don’t instantly recognize the sales pitch aspect of your website. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your CTA and test your pages to reach quantifiable and salient data.

When you can back your techniques with immediate boost to sales, your call to action elements can supercharge your ecommerce business and result in increased sales. Try any combination of the helpful CTA tips above to increase your ecommerce website sales.


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