What Does Your Website Say About You? Why a Sleek Website Design Matters.


Why You Need a Sleek Website That's Professionally Designed

First impressions are important. What do your customers hear when they see your website? Check out our article to learn the simple way to a sleek website.


You don't get a second chance at a first impression. And that applies to your website too! Having a sleek website design will attract new customers and build loyalty among existing customers. Your product or service matters but your website design is just as important.

Whether you're building a new website or want to update your current site, there are simple strategies you can use - even if you're new to website design. Take a look at the tips below to learn the importance of web design and how to create a sleek website for your company or personal brand.

Why It's Important

You may have a product or service that you have devoted your life to creating, building, and fine-tuning. But if you don't have a quality website design, you won't get the attention from customers that you deserve. A common pitfall among online business owners is that they overlook good website design and the effect it has on customers and sales.

But why does web design matter so much? Here are 5 reasons!

1. Website Is Memorable

Let's say your company sells eco-friendly phone cases. When a customer searches online looking for a new phone case they see your website. They also see a list of competitor websites. So, they open a few different pages to compare them.

If you have a memorable website, the customer is more likely to return to your page. A sleek design, professional graphics, and an approachable interface will make a lasting impression on a customer. You can take advantage of that by making your website memorable!

2. Confidence in the Brand

Customers trust brands based on what they see on their website. If the website is haphazardly put together customers might feel that they can't trust your product. Online users are looking for a website design that looks professional, especially if they are going to spend money to purchase a product or service.

If you don't know much about website design, consider hiring professional web designers to help. They have experience with customer preferences and attitudes. 

3. Approachable for Users

A website design will instantly give a visitor an impression of how easy the website will be to navigate. If you have too much or too little text it may turn people away. If your site menu isn't readily available, that too could have a negative effect. 

Furthermore, your website design should be easy to use because customers are accustomed to that when browsing or shopping online. If they get the impression from your design that the website is hard to navigate you may have just lost a potential customer. 

4. Establish Personality

Your website design is a chance to show why your brand is unique. The font, colors, graphics, and layout all speak to the personality of the brand. When you know your audience and target customer well, you can adapt the website design to fit what they are looking for. 

5. Generate Leads and Increase Sales

Great website design is about more than the way a website looks. The design can be optimized to increase the number of people that visit the site, interact with it, or buy something. For example, including a call-to-action (CTA) can persuade site visitors to take the next step (i.e., start shopping, subscribe to the blog).

Don't underestimate the power of website design to increase sales or generate qualified leads. Website traffic can be the difference between a thriving online business and a struggling one. 

Creating a Sleek Website

Now you know why having the best website design possible matters. But what exactly makes up a great website design? Is it the pictures? The content? Keep reading to find out the most important elements of a great website design.

Mobile Interface

If your website doesn't have a good mobile interface you're like missing out on potential customers. People spend hours on their cellphones reading, shopping, and communicating. So, your website has to be easy to read from a cellphone screen or a tablet.

You don't need to design two entirely different websites but there are nuances to the elements of a mobile site. If you're having problems with your current mobile site, consider hiring technical consulting services to help you.

Great Content

Your website's design can draw in potential customers and convince them to keep browsing. But the way to keep customers is to share great content. No matter what your business is, you can use relevant content to increase SEO and increase overall site traffic.

Consider starting a blog on your website to share information with your audience. A blog is another opportunity to show your brand's personality and build trust with customers.


Your website design needs easy navigation. If people don't understand how to use your site they probably won't stick around to find out. Sleek websites have simple navigation that is not overwhelming or cluttered. Improving site navigation may be exactly what your site needs to increase traffic and sales.

Design With Audience in Mind

Part of creating a great website is knowing your audience and tailoring the website features to what they like. Different demographics of people are looking for different things when they visit websites.

For example, if your business caters towards tech-savvy women in their twenties your website design will be different than a company targeting males over the age of 60. Knowing your audience can help you make decisions on the layout and content of the website.

Hire Professionals for Sleek Website Design

Website design is important for the success of your business. Customers react based on their first impression - so make it a good one! If you feel comfortable and confident about creating a sleek website on your own, great!

But if you need help, we are here for you! Advantage Services works with a diverse group of businesses to design creative, unique, and successful websites. Contact us to get started on your new, sleek website!

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