9 Benefits of Using Microsoft Cloud Storage for Your Business


Microsoft cloud storage is a simple way to consolidate your storage and applications into one system. These benefits may just convince you to make the switch.

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The proof of Microsoft cloud storage expanding in the business world goes much further than the billions of dollars the company is investing in building new data centers across the globe. It can be seen on your desktop, your phone, tablets, and other devices.

Microsoft has essentially built a business-friendly tool that you can take with you wherever you go without losing any of the formatting, accessibility, or functionality. In the following article, we'll be discussing the nine big benefits of moving your business to Microsoft cloud storage.

First, however, let's look at your company without a cloud solution of any kind. It would probably look a lot like this.

Compatibility Issues

Before cloud-based solutions, you had to contend with different employees having different types of hardware and software programs with which to create, view, and modify projects. Ensuring everyone was on the same page meant your business had to bear the brunt of the hardware and software investment.

After all, you wouldn't want programs getting "lost in translation" from Microsoft Excel to Apple's Numbers. Of course, you can always hire a migration expert to ensure a smoother transition to Office365.

Fewer Cyber Defenses

No cloud storage solution means storing everything locally. That means your information is only as secure as your ability to stave off a cyber attack yourself. Big companies like Microsoft offer a more secure safeguard.

Less Flexibility

Going without a cloud storage contract means less flexibility in how you work. Everything has to be done from an office instead of anywhere. That means if a key person is out sick or due to vacation, important discussions can't happen.

None of the above situations should be how companies work in the 21st Century. That's especially true in the middle of a pandemic that has no end in sight. So, you know why you should be invested in the cloud, but here's why you should specifically consider Microsoft.

1. Access From Anywhere

Microsoft cloud solutions give each user within your organization direct access to a shared folder in addition to their own. They can log in from the office or home or at the supermarket, whenever and wherever they are needed.

2. Flexibility for Remote Workers

Cloud services have been a godsend for companies struck by the pandemic. Some rather large companies have made the permanent switch. As family obligations such as homeschooling bleed over into normal work hours, Microsoft's dependable storage solution is a great tool to have.

3. File Backup Autopilot

Microsoft services back up every file so that a computer crash on the end-user's end won't necessarily mean lost work. The frequent updating means progress continues even as the occasional technology bump in the road comes up over the horizon.

4. Doc Sharing

Secure cloud services like Microsoft offer gives members of your organization the ability to share sensitive documents regardless of size. Uploading a 5GB video to an email would never work, but you can upload that same video to a OneDrive folder, create a link, and share it with whoever needs it in seconds.

5. Collaboration in Real-Time

Beyond sharing, Microsoft cloud services also give you the ability to collaborate with others in real-time. Businesses can use Microsoft Word, Excel, and other programs to make changes to documents simultaneously and have them saved instantly. This ensures that everyone is on the same page literally and figuratively.

6. Offline Access

Working offline is another piece of flexibility that Microsoft cloud storage provides. If one syncs their OneDrive app before going offline, for example, then they can pull up whatever document they need to read or edit later.

Offline access is key to being able to take work home with you and continue polishing big projects even if your Internet access is to be somewhat limited, spotty, or nonexistent. Without the cloud, you would need to port over documents to a flash drive and hope you don't lose or misplace it.

7. Security Measures

Microsoft is a technology company. As a tech company, cybersecurity is a top priority. Entrusting your organization's platform to them means that you have their full support against malicious attacks or user errors.

Cyber attacks are the reality of business life if you're an organization of any size or success. As you grow, you'll naturally become a target.

Building your own team to take care of those issues means a greater investment of time and money into the areas that are not your core competency. You will likely need some outside help to keep IT running smoothly, but you'll be better served by outsourcing those needs to a smaller firm than building everything from the ground up.

8. Price Tailoring

Pricing fluctuates on a Microsoft cloud storage plan for businesses. You can get the latest tiers here, but expect to pay a small monthly fee per user. Discounts are available for an annual commitment.

You can limit the number of users within your organization to save even more. The Business Standard agreement is Microsoft's "Rolls-Royce" plan. It gives users access to the full Office365 Suite for easier creation, collaboration, and sharing.

9. Helpful Notifications

Last but not least, working with Microsoft is a great way to stay on top of things like item deletions, calendar appointments, and advance reminders. Once you set up your notifications how you like them, you never have to worry about missing a meeting or project deadline ever again.

Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to make notes and comments to users about upcoming events. This allows for a more efficient use of everyone's time.

Microsoft Cloud Storage Is the Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

We hope this look at the Microsoft cloud storage solutions that are out there will give you a clearer idea of how to proceed. Do you want to use it for storage only or for storage, collaboration, sharing, and all the other facets of your organization?

It's a discussion worth having with the other members of your team. Getting everyone on board using the same solution will just make the workday so much more efficient.

If you need a tech company in your corner to help guide the migration and setup process, we're here to help. Contact Advantage Services today to learn more.

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