Benefits to outsourcing IT services for your small business

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We’ve all been working from home for a little while now, and while working from home sounds great. There are issues to working remotely just like there are for working at an office. But one thing really stands out to me and that’s getting help when a technical issue appears. For companies who have a dedicated in house IT staff it’s easy to have someone walk over to your desk and fix an issue. But having to navigate remote help with inexperienced staff can be a real challenge. So can getting them accustomed to working remotely using new software and being able to walk them through troubleshooting.

In house technicians are at a disadvantage in this situation since they might not have the right knowledge or training to deal with these situations. But with a remote IT team they are used to dealing with a majority of their work remotely. It’s much easier for them to to guide clients through how remote applications work. Especially for small businesses, outsourcing IT work can be a game changer.


You have faster response times and increased productivity

The best thing about outsourcing your IT services is not having to wait in line. Sure it’s nice having someone in house...until they are backed up with requests and you’re having a crisis. With outsourcing you are a guaranteed priority no matter how small the issue so you can get back to work quickly.

With a large staff of available technicians ready to help they are always prepared and avail even to assist you because that’s their job. You won’t have to wait in line for Bob’s password to be reset for the fourth time this week before your issue is resolved meaning you’ll be more productive.

I would say that besides cost effectiveness this is the best perk of having remote IT support. There is nothing more frustrating than having your device not working properly when you have deadlines and things you were working on suddenly come crashing down on you. And you always hope that it’ll work out so you can get back to work but end up having to take a break until the issue is resolved. Which can make it difficult to get back into a flow and get back into a productive headspace. But if you have quick help from your IT support you’ll be able to get back to those projects faster.

Lower costs

It’s a given that remote IT support is cheaper in the long run. You’re not paying salaries, sick days, vacations, none of that has to matter to you. You pay one flat fee and you get a fleet of IT workers who are ready to assist you whenever you need it. It’s as simple as that.

No more having to stress about hiring new employees and dealing with the inherent headaches that come with that. You also won’t have to worry about making sure they are continuing to improve their knowledge to deal with all sorts of technical issues your company might be faced with.

A wider pool of knowledge and technology

More people means more brain power, and a higher chance that at least someone will know how to solve whatever technical issues you happen to have. The benefit in having a larger pool of specialists is not only that there will always be someone available, but their different knowledge pools. They’ve all learned how to fix different kinds of technical issues, but they also have different experiences.

That and they are always learning about new technology and methods to keep your devices and business safe. Because outsourced IT companies are being relied on by multiple companies at a time to be the best they are constantly evolving. They are staying up to date on the latest threats, how to prevent them from affecting you, and learning about new technology. So that they can give you expert advice not only on how to solve your technical issues, but also safety and upgrading technology.


Proactive aproches to problems 

Outsourced IT is also a lot more proactive than a standard in house team. They are always thinking of how to prevent disasters before the occur rather than playing catch up. With outsourced services you will have regular back ups done, and they’ll always recommend new methods on keeping safe. This includes letting you know of current dangers that could affect your business and how to help your employees stay aware.



In short there are a lot of great benefits to taking the outsource approach, especially for small businesses. You aren’t a giant company so saving money on tech support and only paying for what you need could allow you to use that money to grow.

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