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Websites are a basic necessity in the world we live in if you want to have a successful business. No one really checks the yellow pages for businesses in their area anymore, we check on Google. Not having a website is a huge hinderance in the digital age since most people won’t be able to find out about you. But just having a poorly put together website isn’t going to do you any favors either.


Back when business cards were the main way for people to learn about your business it was important to have a good one. The quality of the card, the font you used, and any design elements were all used to judge your business. If you had a low quality card with an unremarkable design you probably wouldn’t leave a really good impression.

But let’s say you’re a locksmith business and you decide to make a metal business card with push out mini lock picking tools built in. It’s nostalgic to those old cereal toys, it’s unique and creative. It makes a lasting impression. People who have seen your card will tell their friends and co workers about the cool card they saw and interest in your business will grow.

Websites work the same way, people will make a snap judgment about your entire business in a split second. Which is why people are constantly saying how important it is to have a good website. It’s said so often that it honestly sounds like people are pushing you to hire web designers, and compared to a build it yourself website they can be expensive. But the issue with the build it yourself websites is the quality is dependent on you and your knowledge of the industry standards.

Without some knowledge of web design and how a good website should feel it’s difficult to create one yourself that will match up to the industry standards. There are a lot of things that go into making a good website, front end and backend wise. On the front end you need to know how design elements work together in order to draw in someone who just clicked on to your website. Even though it sounds a bit dramatic, color palates and font choices can make or break a website.

Just like how people will judge your appearance at a job interview they are also going to judge your websites appearance. If you don’t have the right look you risk loosing their attention within seconds, I can personally say that I have done this before. Because there are so many different options out there on the internet, why pick the option that doesn’t look polished and put together?

Web designers are well versed in a variety of topics; color palates, fonts, design, and how to make a website run smoothly on the backend while looking good on the front end. They also know how to lay them out in order to guide the visitor where you want them to go. Not to mention they know what search engines want from your website in order to make them SEO friendly so that your website can get more traffic on your site.

This doesn’t mean that a build it yourself website is bad. There are a lot of different small businesses that can get away with building their own websites. Think of if as a custom tailored suit or one that fits you perfectly rather than one off the rack that has a looser fit because it’s made to suit a variety of people. The tailored one that fits you better is going to leave a more positive impression on everyone who see’s you and make them think you’re very tuned in to the finer details.

If you really want to make yourself stand out from your competitors and grow your business it’s important to invest in a good website. Because at the end of the day someone who designs websites for a living is going to know more about what is going to look appealing and draw in your customers than you do.


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