Trends in Visual search and Image search can affect your SEO

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Images play a big role in our daily lives because we are visual creatures. Beautiful things captivate us, draw our eye and kickstart our interest. That’s why food presentation goes so far into enticing us to order things. We eat with our eyes and noses before we even begin to taste anything. So, it makes sense that sometimes we can picture the thing we want but can't necessarily remember what it’s called. Google image search is just one of the ways that we’ve learned to find things with image descriptions or other images. 

Visual searches are becoming more advanced as peoples need for the service grows. The easiest examples of this are how big brands are building this up for shopping purposes. You can use a photo of an outfit or even furniture and the software will pull up similar products and show you where you can buy it. This is possible because the software allows the machine to learn and understand what it is so they can find you the match, or other similar options available. 

Pictures have always been important for a good website, but these new trends are going to make that more apparent. Now and in the future more than ever picture quality is going to have a major impact on your business. Especially if people are going to be seeing product photos from your website on their searches when they are looking for products online. Not only will it have an impact on your sales, it’s also going to affect your SEO. Whether people click on your products over others will play a role in your rank, so you need to make sure they look appealing enough to get clicks. 

This expansion on the way we search is a great way to get more traffic to your website that you may not have gotten in the past. Most people browse on their devices, and when they see ads of products they are interested in on social media they will click on the link to check it out. This type of visual search is being used on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat allowing users to shop from popular ads or photos and see where the products are sold. Giving consumers more power to be able to find the products they want while directing them to the supplier. 

Because of this product photos are going to need to be good quality in order to get people interested. In the current digital age where people use their smartphones to shop you can’t get away with blurry and outdated photos anymore. If you want to take advantage of the current market of online shopping and browsing, you need to make changes to reflect the new trends. 

You can take advantage of this by providing good descriptions and adding tags to your images, so they are easily found during image and visual searches. Which will help you get organic traffic when your consumers come across your product in different search methods. Not only will this help you with improving your overall SEO and organic traffic it also has other benefits.  

It will also help make your website more accessible to people with disabilities and make your website more appealing to Google. Things that all businesses need to be conscious about if they want to have a successful website. It will also be important to keep updating regularly as your products change or as time passes by to keep your website looking fresh and appealing to visitors. 

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