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Driving traffic to your website is very important with small businesses. Which is why people who build websites will tell you how important it is that you create content that will help bring people to your website. SEO plays a part in getting people to your website but content has always been king. Now Google has created a new opportunity to help drive more traffic to your website with their image search.


In a week they’ll be launching a new feature that will show quick facts about the photos that appear in searches. It’ll have information about the person, place or thing in the picture and a link to the original website. This is intended to get searchers to learn more about the images by clicking into the website where it's from.

Having more information like this could make these photos more appealing for people browsing and encourage them to visit the website. Which could be great for small businesses if the person takes a minute to browse your site and decides to purchase something or get in contact with you.

This new feature requires 0 effort from the owners of the website and instead is filled out by Google so you don’t have to worry about labeling every picture on your website. But this also means that you will have little control over what it’s going to say and have to rely on the information that Google will be finding and applying.

While this is a great way to drive more traffic to your website if you really want to see good improvement you have to focus on your content. It’s not enough to rely on this new feature, you have to create quality content and use good images on your website too.

Content is a great way for your website to show up on search pages when people are looking for information about a topic related to your business and are a great way to drive traffic. Creating informative blogs and videos that will appeal to your customers is also a good way of keeping them on your website. Which will not only help your Google rank, but increases your chances of getting conversions.


In order to have a successful website and really get the most out of the tools available to you it’s important to create this content regularly. That way Google will push you higher in rank because you are constantly providing content that is of value to your visitors, and you’ll be able to get more conversions. At the end of the day a your website is your best marketing tool, so you need it to be the best it can be in order to attract a lot of business and attention.

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