How Google My business listings and attributes can help your small business


One of the best ways to get traffic on your website is to be on the front page of search results. There are several ways that you can go about achieving this through optimizing your website and SEO. But one of the easiest is to create a business listing with a Google’s My Business.  


This free tool is designed to help you create an online presence similarly to social media, but also works as a directory so people can easily find you. You’re able to populate your listing with important information like your hours, location, photos, and get reviews. They are an easy way for consumers to locate providers in their area and easily get access to important information.  

These business listings are a great way for you to create a local presence and start optimizing for local searches. Google has said that they believe it’s one of the best ways to improving your location on local searches and increase your visibility. Not only does it enhance your presence on the search pages you’ll also come up on map searches on Google Maps. 

Attributes are tags that you can apply to your profile to give potential customers even more information about your business. There is a wide range of different tags for hospitality, amenities, payment options, and much more. These attributes are just as important to your customers as they are to Google and can impact your rank since it’s extra information that is of value to your customers. These attributes can help your business appear in more specific searches.  

They might be looking for a business that is wheelchair accessible, if you put that as one of your attributes then your business would show up on the search results. These tags and even the My Business listing can give you an upper hand against your competitors. Just like working on your SEO, these listing have the power to put your business on the front page of a search result where people will see and possibly interact with your website. 


By creating a listing, you are helping increase the chance that customers will see you while also helping your Google rank by providing additional information about your business. Google is constantly crawling websites to make sure that you are providing quality information to people visiting your website in order to gauge how to rank you. If you create quality content that appeals to your audience, you will show them that people are interested in your website and get a better rank.  

The best way to do that is to not only write good content but also optimize your SEO so you are targeting the right searches. Creating a Google My Business listing will help your existing SEO and make you more visible to local searches so that you can start getting more conversions from people interested in your business. 

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