9 reasons to outsource IT services for your business

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Quality control 


When you outsource your IT support you don’t have to vet them in order to know if they will be able to solve your issue. You can trust that the company has employed skilled individuals who are all knowledgeable and able to help you with your issue or pass it to a colleague who will be able to resolve the problem. When companies hire IT professionals there is no guarantee that they will be able to fix every issue that could arise on their own because they may not have come across it or have knowledge about it. But IT companies hire a variety of IT professionals with different expertise and experiences so you have a higher chance that your problem will be solved in a quick efficient manner by outsourcing. It’s their job to know exactly how to fix your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Better Security 


IT companies are obsessed with security and are always trying to find ways to decrease risks to their clients. This isn’t to say that an in-house team can’t be diligent about security as well, but they tend to have less manpower than an outsourced team. If a worst-case scenario of a data breach appears, they might not have the manpower to successfully deal with it. Leading to incredible losses that could be detrimental to smaller businesses. IT companies are always prepped to deal with emergencies like this with just a single phone call and have the manpower to help you handle these dangers. 


Cost effective 


Hiring people is expensive but hiring IT professionals takes a lot of work and time. Finding people with the skills to deal with different issues involving software, security, hardware, and network issues can be a huge hassle and cost a lot of money. But with an outsourced company you don’t have to scrutinize their skills or train them in new technology because they will be up to date and knowledgeable. You’re instead relying that the company you have chosen has carefully selected talented individuals with knowledge on everything they need to know to be IT professionals. 
You also only pay for what you need from them. Unlike an inhouse team you’re not paying for the time when they are idly waiting for a problem to appear. In house IT professionals are great when an issue pops up and you want someone to be there to fix it in that moment, but besides fixing issues that appear and daily maintenance they all end up having down time. Down time which you are paying for by employing them, but you also deal with the cost of maintain their skills. Where an outsourced team will be maintaining their own skills and being paid for the services you need and only that. 


24/7 availability 


In house teams work like you do a 9-5 and once they go home your IT problems are just that, your problem. They also have sick days, vacation, family obligations, and emergencies they can’t know of until they pop up. Outsourced IT companies don’t have that, they are available 24 hours a day to their clients in case of an emergency. They can do this because they have the numbers for it even if some go on vacation, they still have a team that is ready to deal with any issue your company calls them with. 


No management needed 


One of the best things about outsourcing your IT support is not having to worry about the hiring and training process. It can take weeks to months to find and interview suitable candidates and then you have to go through a lengthy process of training them on the hope that they will be a good fit. Not to mention turnover if the in-house employee wants more money for the work they are doing and end up switching to a different company.  
With managed IT companies they deal with their people, so you don’t have to. You don’t need to worry if they will be able to navigate your software to solve an issue, or if they know how to back up a Mac, hiring them, turnover, because their company will oversee those things. 


Speedy responses 


With their number's IT companies are easily able to deal with multiple clients at the same time. Meaning that you are always guaranteed to have a fast response concerning the issues you are having. And when it comes to implementing new policies, they will be able to help you create a plan of action so that you can tackle integration smoothly in a shorter period. While also providing specialists ready to assist your team should they have an issue during the implementation. 


Better technology 


Better technology means less work for you, and with an outsourced IT company they are always staying on top of new tech to stay ahead of the curve. This allows them to suggest new tech they think could benefit your business and help streamline your workflows and improve security. Like suggesting that you back up your server and devices to the cloud in order to not only be more secure in case of a disaster but also so you can have access to your info from anywhere. Or helping you upgrade your devices to improve the lives of your employees so that they can be more productive.  


Proactive approaches 


Most businesses don’t plan for cyber threats and data breaches until they are already compromised. But IT companies are always worried about the possibility of their clients being attacked so they take a proactive approach to security. Not only will they recommend security software's and tell you to update your devices. They will perform regular backups and look at different ways that your company could be compromised and have a plan of action on how to make sure you don’t lose your data in the event of an attack. That way when disaster strikes you won’t have to panic because you will have a team that is prepared to deal with the situation and knows exactly what they need to do in order to halt the danger and save your data. 


Focus on your business 


Having managed IT support means that you can focus 100% of your energy on your business with the confidence that you have an army of professionals at your disposal in case of disaster. You can run your business with the confidence that you can always call them if you have an issue but not have to worry about managing them. You have all the benefits of having an in-house team without any of the drawbacks. 

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