Up your south florida business SEO game with long tail key words

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SEO is an important tool for websites as well as businesses, they can increase your visibility and help you gain conversions. Basic key words are a good start to SEO, but long tailed ones can really help you boost traffic. They are focused less on buzz words that pertain to your business are more geared towards what your potential customers are going to use to search. For example a regular key word could be “IT company” and it would bring in a lot of different results, but “South Florida IT company” would bring in a more catered result. But what are the benefits of using more long tailed keywords?


We break down how effective SEO is by looking at 3 main things. Conversion rates, organic traffic, and ranking. Everyone wants to have a high rank so that their website will be easily visible to the consumer when their browsing and hopefully get their business. But if you aren’t targeting the right markets your SEO could really be wasted. A small technology company will probably never beat out the giant corporations when it comes to overall rank, but if they target specific areas their services are available they have a chance to be rank 1.

There are millions of results and websites for any given topic that are competing against you for their rankings. When you pick broad keywords you can be up against hundreds of millions of results all trying to be in the top spots. Long tailed keywords are more catered to someone who knows what they want and are looking for it specifically. They might be looking at a specific region or city for the good or service that you provide. If you take advantage of that by using these long tailed keywords you are cutting down on the amount of results you will be fighting against.

Having less competition means that your website will be more visible. Most people don’t go past the first three to five pages on a given search page. So if the long tailed key words help you get to the first few pages you have the opportunity to see a lot of organic traffic coming to your website for information. People who use long tailed keyword searches are looking for something, information or a product. Once they reach your site they are expecting to find more information about what they searched for so they will take their time looking over your website. This is your opportunity for conversions.

They’ve reached your website after a browsing a few others and you have the information that they’ve been looking for. Now they notice your calls to action, and hopefully get in touch if they are interested in your business.

But how do you know what the best long tailed keywords are for your business? One of the ways is to put yourself in your customers shoes, what are they going to search in order to find you? What are the different ways they could phrase things if they weren’t familiar with your business? You can also check your analytics to see the long tailed key words that currently bring people to your website. Playing with Google’s autocomplete is another method of testing out other popular searches related to your business. Use resources ad apps available to you to keep an eye on trends and tools that can help you better your SEO practices. One resource I’ve come across is Answer The Public, a website that helps you understand how people search for things and can give you a lot of good long tailed key word examples.

But at the end of the day SEO is only effective if you have a good website. If you want to reap the benefits you need to have a website that is easy to navigate and quality content to keep people engaged.



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