Get your small business ready for hurricane season

Graphic of a hurricane warning

Another year another hurricane season and this one is supposed to be a doozy. Which makes it even more important for your business to get ready for the worst case scenario in order to protect your assets.

Hurricanes are scary because we never know what to expect from them, they might put a hole in your office building or they might just flood and ruin everything. That is why it is important cover all of your bases when it comes to preparing for them in advance. Companies are all different, so we prioritize different things when it comes to preparing for disaster but there are basic things we all need to do. 

The first step in being prepared is taking a look at what you need to be up and running and proceed from there.


Back everything up

This will ensure that even if your devices or server are compromised because of the storm you won’t lose any of your data. Backing up to the cloud will also mean that in the event that your office is compromised during a storm you will still be able to work remotely and get your business back up quicker.


Unplug and secure devices in an elevated location

Water damage is one of the easiest ways to destroy electronic devices, by elevating them you reduce the risk that they may come in contact with water if your office floods. Unplugging them keeps them from possible damage from electrical surges.


Seal on site documents in waterproof containers and scan them digitally

Paper documents are easily destroyed by water and moisture. Scanning documents allows you to make sure they are safe in cases of flooding and will give you access to them anywhere if you save them to the cloud. But for your physical copies watertight containers can protect them if your business floods during the storm.


Make sure your office is secure

There are several ways to prepare your offices before a hurricane hits. If you own the building you should have the roof inspected in order to determine if there will be any problems if a bad storm hits, you should also check if you are in a known flood area and get flood insurance if you are. You can also install shutters of plywood on windows in order to protect against possible debris that could come crashing in. You should also move desks and important equipment away from any windows or doors in order to ensure maximum protection.


Get prepped for working remotely

One of the worst things that can happen during a hurricane is not being able to open back up for business because of damages or strenuous conditions. Being able to work remotely can alleviate a lot of stress and keep you from losing a lot of business. Setting up a way for your employees to work remotely is an easy way to ensure that your business can get back on track as soon as possible even if your normal work space is unavailable. By making a plan with your IT professionals ahead of time you can prepare your employees and have a solid plan in case of an emergency.


Most importantly make sure that your team has a reliable way to keep in contact with you and their team members in case of an emergency. But also that everyone has prepared the necessary supplies to deal with a disaster before the storm hits.

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