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Minimalism is a popular design for a lot of different things. Home interior designs, tech, product packaging, and even lifestyles. Minimalism is simple and clean designs getting their meaning across to the observer without needing distracting elements. Which is exactly what a website should be. 

People coming to a website are looking for information. They want to know who you are, what you’re about, and how they can contact you within a quick browsing session. In the 90’s and early 2000’s outrageous designs were pretty popular to set you apart from other websites. You could have crazy backgrounds and fonts because it was pretty standard. But those kinds of noisy and cluttered websites can be difficult to navigate since they are full of distractions.

With minimalistic designs websites are clean and functional. They won’t have a million elements trying to load and slowing down the speed. Instead everything looks like it was carefully chosen to deliver a particular look and feel to the website.

Imagine if your website was a business card, because it is. Would it be too flashy and distracting? Would people be more interested in the things going on in the background instead of being interested in what your business card says? Are they even able to easily access important information by glancing at it?

The goal of a minimalist website is to convey important information to the visitor using designs that work together in a cohesive manner without being unnecessary. Elements will work together and lead into each other, to guide the viewer towards important information. The focus is on essential design elements rather than having an assortment of them which could distract the visitor from their goal.

Choosing to go for a minimalist design means carefully considering all of the elements you want to add. This isn’t unusual for regular web design, it’s just a difference in mentality. When it comes to design there are a lot of things you need to consider. When choosing a font you need to consider how it is going to look on the different areas of your site, but also how will the visitors react to it?

Will it be easy for them to read it? Or is it too stylized because you wanted something quirky and fun? Choosing the right fonts is an important decision since it has to work on multiple platforms and against backgrounds. Which is why it needs to be easily recognizable so that it translates well from desktop viewing to mobile.

Next you should consider whether the background elements you’ve chosen are having the desired effect. Are they accentuating the text and providing a good visual break, or are they a distraction?

Is your color scheme working for the look of your website or against it? Color schemes can be tricky to choose, especially when trying to differentiate between you and competitors. But it’s important that your colors work together to create a seamless look on your website rather than clashing.

With every vibrant color you have you should also have muted neutrals to balance it out and create depth. With each neutral choice you should have bold accents to pull attention to important information. Color can be a powerful tool in creating interest while also guiding the eyes of visitors of your website.

Visual elements are also important to create interest, but they must be used wisely. It needs to serve a purpose otherwise it’s just there to fill up space. Filler works in a lot of instances but it’s usually pretty noticeable, you want your website to look refined. Not like you just decided to throw stuff on it to fill up the empty spaces.

Use graphics to bring attention to important points on your website you want visitors to notice. Animated elements are great at bringing attention to key points on your website and creating a visual interest. Choosing graphic elements with a clean design will be an easy way of maintaining a clean look to your website while still providing an interesting interruption from the static elements. 

The most important part is t not overload your website with too many unnecessary things. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to navigate your website to find what they are looking for while still creating something that is appealing to look at. So take the time to chose amazing pictures and elements that will look good together as a whole. But keep in mind that you can make an amazing website by using a few key elements to create a sleek and memorable design.

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