3 Tools for working remotely successfully

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Working from home has seen a major boom due to Covid-19 an a lot of businesses don’t have a policy in place. But with the right tools working from home can be a breeze.


Stay connected

Most of us don’t do our work as separate entities, we work in teams or at least collaborate with people in our department. This means that we need to have an easy way of communicating with everyone so that we can all be on the same page. But how can we achieve this while working from home?

If your company uses Office 365 you may be familiar with Teams. It is a chat/video conferencing app that replaced Skype for business and is a great tool for communication. With teams you can chat with individuals, and also create group chat’s that can be labeled for departments or teams that your work with. It allows you to share files, pictures, links, keep everyone updated, and increase productivity.

Google offers their own chatting system as well if you have a google email, and their video conferencing is called Google hangouts. They have recently started offering their premium features for free until July 1st. Which allows you to host 250 people and save recording of the meetings.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that has been gaining in popularity and notoriety.

Though it is convenient and easy to use recent discoveries have found it to be riddled with hackers and malware that could be dangerous to your device.

Scan documents easily

Microsoft Office Lens is a free app that allows you to take a picture with your device and create a PDF. You can also send it to other office applications like OneNote, Word, and Sharepoint. So even if you don’t have a scanner you will be able to share these files with people with the security of a Microsoft product.

Back up and share files

OneDrive allows for a terabyte of storage space for business users and 5GB of free space on their servers. If your business has Office365 that means you have a lot of space to save your files for easy editing online and secure sharing. You can also access the entire suite of apps via your browser instead of having them on your desktop which adds a layer of security.

Working on the web versions also allow for quick and easy collaboration on real time with documents which can be much more efficient that emailing files back and forth. But if you do need to share files you can send a link that will grant the person access so you don’t create multiple versions to review and edit separately. And should you need to refer to an earlier version there is an easy way to see all of the changes made since the initial creation of the document.

Google Drive allows up to 15GB of free storage, but it does not back up and sync the way that Office 365 does unless you download Backup and Sync. It also allows for real time collaboration between people on the same document.

Dropbox allows for 2GB of free space on their servers but with how often phishing attacks pose as Dropbox links it may not be the best option for business use.


As far as security goes you should consult your companies IT team in order to decide what the best practices are for your company. There are a lot of dangers with working from home but they will be able to help set up protocols to help minimize risks. But the best tip I can offer you now is to make sure that all of your important accounts are set up with multi factor authentication in order to keep them as safe as possible even if your passwords are compromised.

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