SEO Content and why it is important to write it

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Content is important for all types of businesses large or small. It’s what drives the majority of people to your website and helps search engines figure out where you belong on their pages. 


What makes SEO content different from regular content?

SEO content is made to catch the attention of search engines and help improve your ranking. These are often pages the get a lot of organic traffic because they are full of useful information that has been tagged properly in order to maximize its visibility. With SEO content you are trying to bring people to your website.

This means answering a question you think your customer will be asking so that you pop up in the search result as an answer. Then once they are on your website you will encourage them to keep looking by linking similar blogs you’ve written in the one they landed on.

With SEO content your titles are usually going to have key words or phrases designed after what you think your customers will be searching for.


While regular content is designed to provide useful information for searchers and consumers without being laden with heavy keywords. These don’t always get a lot of traffic since they aren’t geared towards tapping those keywords, but can still get organic traffic. This information can still bring a lot of value to consumers so there is a good chance people will come across it organically while searching.


Why do you need both?

Most content on your website would be considered standard content, it describes the pages or your business. But that’s not what attracts customers to your website, and it’s not how they find you. People will usually find a business while searching for a product, service, or answer to a question. Google then will pull the relevant information from all different websites in order to provide a list of the best results they could find.

Product pages can count as SEO content, Blogs can be either. But they are both things that can get customers to find you and decide if they want to do business with you. Which is why it is important to use both of them in order to increase your visibility to potential customers and get them to stick around. 

By providing different kinds of content you can provide a variety of information for all kinds of searchers and customers. This will help you appeal to a larger audience and help boost the chance of getting conversions. Variation in content may seem like a scary notion, but it’s a lot easier than you might think. Videos, tutorials, blogs, tips and tricks, these are all variants that are pretty easy for most businesses.


And to tie it all together you just need to make sure you are interlinking similar content on your website. This will help people who are already on your site see other things that are related to what they came to your website more. You should also have separate pages keeping Blogs away from videos or news in order to keep your website organized and easy to navigate. SEO and content are a vital part of helping a business grow and create an audience. If your business is not keeping up with both then you are probably missing out on a lot of potential business.


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