Why your small business should consider optimizing for voice search

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With the growing popularity of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google home, and Siri, voice searching is becoming more and more common. Instead of checking weather apps, I’m constantly asking Alexa or Siri what the weather is going to be for the day. Why? Convenience. It’s an accessible way to get information, but most websites aren’t equipped to accommodate it. So how do you make yourself optimized for voice search?


Mobile Optimization


Mobile optimization is a necessity in this day and age; more people use their phones to search for things than on a desktop. Which means that not having a mobile-friendly website discourages a majority of web users from visiting your website, which can result is lost customers.


Trying to navigate a website that is not optimized for mobile is incredibly frustrating. I would rather go back to the search page than try to deal with the constant issues of a non-mobile friendly site. Imagine trying to get to the menu bar only to have the webpage throw you back to a different part of the page every time you get close, this is a deal breaker for a lot of people.


Having your website be voice search friendly but not ready for mobile traffic is a waste of your time, because you may provide a quick answer to a potential customer, but the moment they try to go to your desktop-optimized website from their mobile-device, you’re going to turn them away.


Phrases and Longtail key words


Keywords can be awkward. They require you to break your company down to just a few words which can be really difficult. But they have taken a backseat to long tail key words, no one searches “car” or “IT” into google when they are looking for a place to buy a boat or an IT specialist to look at their device. No, people search for “IT support in my area” and “Boats for sale near me”.


People search the way they speak so targeting phrases over singular words is important if you want to get the most of your SEO. This is especially true with voice searching, so you want to make sure you will come up you need to keep this in mind.


If you are going to ask a virtual assistant about the weather you don’t say “Weather Fort Lauderdale” you’d say something like “Hey (Siri/Google/Alexa) what is the weather in Fort Lauderdale.” With this in mind you need to consider what your customer will be asking and how you can make sure that you are the solution.




Anticipate the questions they’ll ask


Knowing how your customer speaks isn’t only important for choosing keywords and phrases for your SEO, but also helps you anticipate their questions. Knowing what kinds of questions they will be asking is key to preparing yourself for voice searching.


Depending on your company there are different things you can do: tutorials, quick “how to” guides, and simple answers for common questions can bring traffic.


Creating content for these things allows Google to crawl your website and take notice of the information, therefore when someone asks a relevant question your information will be presented to the user.


Optimized local SEO


Most people are looking for local information when they are searching for services and businesses. Which is why local SEO may be the most important kind for your business. You want to be the company that comes up when they’re searching for your similar business-types in the area.


Using geotagged key words is a great way to show up in searches looking for local results since it tells google to consider you for those queries. Having your address updated on google is an essential way to make sure that you are going to show up in local results and on google maps. Good maps is a key way people look for businesses.


Making sure you have the correct information displayed on your website is imperative to having voice-assistant SEO work for your business. You need to make sure you are maintaining and updating current address and phone numbers on all avenues, not only on your website, but Google.

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