7 web design mistakes to ditch in 2020


Websites seem like a no brainer, but sometimes your intentions don’t always come across the way you want them to.

1. No clear direction

When people come to your website they want a clear direction. They are looking for something and they are expecting you to guide them to it. Where is the information, where should they click or go to get it? How do you guide them to where they need to go? Calls to action. The easier it is to navigate the happier they will be, so show them where to click and lead them through your website.

What are calls to actions? They are phrases like: Click here, add to cart, sign up now, contact us today, and buy now. They encourage action from the person on your website and can lead to conversions. 

2. Get familiar with analytics and SEO

Did you know that around 75% of small businesses don’t use analytics to see how their website is doing? A website is a powerful asset, but it’s also an investment. So why wouldn’t you be keeping an eye on it in order to see how you can make it more effective and get the most out of it?

A website is an online marketing tool, so you want to make sure you’re getting the right bang for your buck. Tracking how well your website is doing can show you where you need to improve and which areas are doing well. It can give you a lot of valuable insight into your customers and help you market towards them better.

And SEO can help you maximize the amount of visitors coming to your website, but make sure they are people interested in your product. By selecting keywords that people would use to search for your product/service you are increasing your chances of having potential customers find you. Which increases your chances of conversions and sales!

3. Not secure

Does your website have an SSL? Is there an S in Https? If not then that means your website is not secure and that can drive away customers. They want to know their transactions are safe, and if a website doesn’t have an SSL that means there is nothing keeping their private information safe. Breaches in security and hacks are becoming more and more common place, which means that companies really have to increase their security if they want to keep their customers.

Not having a secure website isn’t just a red flag for your customers, but also to search engines! If you have certain anti malware software like Webroot it will warn you when you try to visit a website without an SSL and tell you that it is not a secure website. Which is a huge discouragement for most people because of the inherent risk of potentially compromising your private information. 

4. Difficult to navigate

How easy is it to find information on your website? If people can’t easily find a way to get in touch with you, or easily navigate using the menu then you have a huge problem. These are the main issues that users can come across that will make them leave your site almost immediately. The whole reason they come to your website is to get information, so if they have a hard time doing that then your website is not being effective. It should not only be easily navigated, but important information should be easy find at a glance. 

5. Not posting regularly

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not posting regularly. Fresh content is an easy way to get you noticed, it can show up on search results and bring in potential new clients. It also gives your regular clients a reason to keep coming back to your website for new information.

By making blogs, or posting news about what’s going on with your company, you’re creating connections. Which will help you create brand loyalty that can benefit you in a lot of ways, people who have good experiences with companies share them with friends and family. 

6. No strong branding

What do you do? People make snap judgements about your company within seconds of getting onto your site. If they can’t tell who you are and why you’re better than the competition then you're risking them leaving to go to a competitors site. Immediately upon getting to your site people should have an idea of who you are, what you do, and what makes you better from everyone else. 

But you also shouldn’t look just like all of your competitors, your site should embody and show off your beliefs and values. Things unique to your business and something your competitor lacks.

7. Slow loading

Did you know it only takes 3 seconds to lose the interest of a potential customer? No one wants to wait forever for a webpage to load, not when there are other options to explore. People are impatient, and they expect webpages to load quickly because most of them do. If your website is the one slow one on the search page you are guaranteeing that people are going to hit the back button and exit your website.

Your website should be loading in 2 seconds or less if you want to keep people engaged. Especially since most people are browsing on their cellphones, they don’t want to wait forever.

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