Why you should switch to managed services in the new year


Lower your costs. Do I have your attention? Choosing to outsource your IT and web needs can help you dramatically cut costs and increase efficiency. You might be wondering how, well these companies are usually a replacement or alternative for an in house team. Which can be expensive for small companies, while managed services companies provide all the service of an in house team at a fraction of the cost.

Customized to you

Not every business is built the same, which means that not all of them need the same services. In house teams work for a lot of businesses, but for smaller ones it really doesn’t make sense to be spending all of that money. But with manages services you get to pick and chose what the best options are for your business in order to get the most of your money.

Controlled cost

In house teams are expensive. You have to pay for salaries, provide vacation/sick days, make sure that they are up to date on the latest technology, and provide insurance depending on the size of your business. With outsourcing you have a breakdown of all the costs ahead of the time so there are no surprises.


Choosing to outsource means trusting a company to know your company inside and out. This allows them to anticipate potential risks and prevent them before they become bigger issues that could end up costing you. These companies are experts at helping detect potential problems and preventing them from getting worse so you’re not left having to pay a hefty amount to fix it.


These companies are also good at managing a lot of risks so you don’t have to. With extensive industry knowledge about security and compliance you can feel reassured they will be able to manage your sensitive data. They can also provide valuable information about the ways bigger companies are investing in their technology so that you can grow your business too.

Less worry more time

Managed services doesn’t just mean that they manage their services for you. It also means they manage your companies technology. That means you won’t have to deal with software or hardware companies because your managed services team will take care of that for you with their expert knowledge. 

It’s an investment

Unlike an in house team, managed services teams are always staying current on the newest and best technology that will benefit their customers (you). Which means you’re always guaranteed to have the best possible information at your disposal.

Quick results

You’re paying for a service, which means you get to expect quick service. These companies also have lots of clients they are managing, meaning they have a lot of employees ready to help any of those clients in need of help. You’re also not restricted to only getting help if you’re at your office. Remote help is pretty standard for most problems we have, so even if you’re out of town on business you can still get the help you need fast.

Remote Assistance:

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