Stop wasting time and switch to the cloud

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The cloud is hardly a new thing, but a lot of companies are still reluctant to make the switch and it could seriously impact how efficient they are. Not to mention cost them a lot of time and money.


Make the Cloud the default


Saving to your computer has been a default for a long time, but this really limits your ability to collaborate. You’re forced to swap versions back and forth until you finally agree on what to use with the person you are working on and it can become tedious and waste valuable time. Not to mention all of the different copies and versions you’ll have stored on your computer. By saving to the cloud you eliminate the need for copies and forwarding. Instead you have the document available to both of you at the same time, so you can collaborate in real time.


This can cut down of valuable wasted time waiting on someone to finish their piece then send the file back to you. Instead you can send them the link to the file and you can both work and discuss what you’re planning at the same time to maximize your efficiency.


Co-op work made easy


Another issue with passing a document back and forth is that your partners may not be doing what you need them to do. With this collaborative cloud documents you can mention the people directly using @their name in order to point out the areas you need them to contribute. But also keep an eye on their work to make sure it’s what you’re looking for.


Then you can offer suggestions and feedback directly from the document using the built in messaging service. So you won’t have to worry about receiving the file right before you need it and not having exactly what you need. Or you can select something they are working on and make a comment directly on the document to a specific person to bring something to their attention.


See the change


One of the biggest issues with traditional collaboration is not being able to see from a glance what has changed in the document. With so much passing back and forth one of you could have changed something the other person wanted to keep and you wouldn’t be able to realize it unless you combed through it thoroughly.


With Office 365 you can see what changes have been made while you’ve been away and by who. You’ll be greeted by a popup when you open the document letting you know changes were made by “x” and then when you scroll through the changed area will be highlighted to you can see exactly where they were made. Then if you need to revert to a previous version or check to see the changes you’ve made it’s as easy as a click of a mouse.




One of the biggest benefits of cloud collaboration is the ability to work from any device and anywhere. It’s easy to pull out your phone or tablet to make a quick change to a document while you’re at home, or traveling. For added convenience you can pin documents that you want to have easy access to so you can quickly get to work on them from any device.






There are so many reasons your business should be investing in the cloud, but one of the most important is growth. Using the cloud is a time saver, it's secure, and it can help your business grow. Imagine all of the time you've wasted trying to sort through the files on your computer, or trying to collaborate on a document with another person. Working on the cloud alows you to use quick searches so you can find what you're looking for faster. This saves you time which can be spent elsewhere, it also removes the need to send files back and forth so you can finish projects efficiently. 

The cloud encourages people to work smarter and not harder. It also allows them a greater freedom because they know that they are not chained to their desk if they need to work on something. They have the option to access documents from home or abroad if they need to. Leading to improved and flexible workflows that wil help your business run smoother and more efficiently.


Offices aren’t restricted to four walls like the used to be, and neither are workflows. In order to be successful and continue growing as a business you need to continue striving towards new technologies that will improve your work flow. Office 365 is a great way to not only modernize your business, but provide your employees with a way to make their workflows more efficient.

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