Using A Blog To Get More Customers

Using A Blog To Get More Customers

Many businesses have blogs now these days, even small businesses. These companies are seeing a lot of return for the time and money that they spend hosting, maintaining, and writing the blog. This brings up the question of why exactly your business should have its own blog.

First and foremost a blog allows you to attract more customers because you are putting knowledge out there that is related to your website that a search engine can find and link back to your website. For example, if you run a tech website and you write about new devices on your blog whenever someone looks up that device in Google, they stand a chance of being routed to your website. In fact, it is found that at least 60% of businesses that host a blog see more customers.


Blog Posts to Traffic Graph

Blog posts become great content to share on social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn to drive people to your website. These posts can be read by your current followers, and if the content is strong enough, even shared with their networks of friends. This is the "viral" effect that you have heard about - each time your post is shared, it reaches a wider audience who then could possibly share it with more people.  If you add great CTAs (Call to Action) you will get event better results.

By being able to post tips and tricks on your blog it helps you look more professional. Customers will know that your business does more than just sell their products, they know how to use them. It also gives them a place to go in order to find a personal connection with the company. Blogs have comments sections where customers comment and you, or someone in your company, should monitor and respond to comments. Customers feel appreciated when businesses take the time to interact online.

Blog Post Examples:

  • Answer Common Customer Questions

  • Interview an Employee or Client

  • Provide a Buying Guide or How to Guide

  • Comment on Latest Trends in your Industry

  • Compile a List of Useful Resources and Links


When your company runs a blog it is a much less formal means of writing than your website tends to be, because of this you are establishing a voice for your customer interactions when you set up a blog. This helps develop a brand and show other people what your company does.

Last of all, peer pressure always plays a factor, if every other business is doing it, chances are you should to. If your business does not fit into the cookie cutter set out by society than you need to get creative, and might even need some help. There are plenty of other solutions to draw more traffic towards your website.

The best part of creating a blog for your business is that it is incredibly easy and has some of the best marketing ROI out there today. If your website has a content manager system, also know as a CMS then you can almost instantaneously create a blog. The hard part is keeping up with the blog. We highly recommend creating a schedule to better organize your posts or getting some help.

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