Web design terminology you should know


Responsive design 

Responsive design is critical to a good website. It means that your design will look amazing no matter what device people are browsing on, and work seamlessly. This is important because mobile browsing surpasses traditional desktop browsing, so it’s critical that websites look good on any device. 
Parallax/infinite scroll 
Is a technique in web design where the developer programs the background image to move slower than the foreground image. Which causes an illusion of depth that is very appealing to the eye. 


Error pages are an inevitable part of life, but they can be devastating to a website. A 404 is an error where your computer is unable to reach the web address of the link you are clicking. 

Bounce rate 

Is the rate at which people navigate away from your website after only viewing one page. This is usually because a web page is difficult to navigate or off-putting to visitors. 


A cache is stored data, saved by your device so the next time you try to browse the same information it will load quicker. For example, it can take a while for your website to load a new page, but if you click back to a website you were just visiting it will load nearly instantly. That’s because of the stored data, and that is why when you’re having an issue with a website people suggest you clear your cache. That way your computer knows to dump all its saved data and load it again. 


People always seem to think cookies are a bad thing, “this website uses cookies do you accept?” Cookies are data, it identifies you to the website. This way it can track how often you visit the website, and what sections you spend the most time on. They can be helpful to website owners; it lets them know which parts of their websites are a hit and which need work. 

Call to action 

Is content geared to incite action from the visitor and create engagement. This can be a picture, or text that will get your visitor to visit another page or location of your choosing. 


Is when search engines send bots to your website to get information. They do this to update their records and also see how user friendly your website is.  Which they then use to determine your rank and where on the search results page your website should be. 


Refers to where your websites data is stored. Most people don’t host their own websites because it can be tedious and difficult to manage. Instead they choose a company who can host their websites so that they can focus on the important things, their customers. 


Secure Sockets Layer is a cryptographic protocol that protects data on the internet. The easiest ways to figure out if a website has an SSL certificate is to check and see if there is a little padlock in the address bar. That means that you can process transactions on that website with the confidence that your information will be safe from potential attacks. 

Meta tag 

Are snippets of code used to describe the content of your website to search engines so that they can better read your site. This can have a big impact on SEO so making sure that things are labeled correctly on your website is a must. 

Page speed 

Is integral to getting people to stay on your website. If your website is too slow there is almost a guarantee that you will be having a high bounce rate. People don’t have the patience to wait longer than a few seconds for your page to load, so you should always be conscious about how long your pages take to load. 


Search engine optimization is the practice of improving your website so that you can increase your search page results and receive more visitors. This means making sure your website meets the search engines standards, that it’s a pleasant experience, and that you’re using the right meta tags. 


Application Programming interface, which is used to allow communication between services. For example, if you wanted to embed google maps onto your website so that your visitors could see the location of your business without leaving your website you would use an API.  

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