5 Tips to get you started with SEO


SEO doesn’t happen overnight; search engine optimization is increasing the visibility of your website and the leads coming in. While you can’t expect to have great visibility when you’re just starting out, there are a few things you can do to help your organic searching. The main thing to get you started with SEO is making sure that your website is Google friendly and user friendly. 

Optimize your website 

The first step in having an SEO friendly website is to make sure that your website is easy to use and optimized for mobile use. Google’s number one priority is the websites they’re promoting on the top pages are going to be a pleasant experience for their consumer base. Optimizing allows for Google to crawl your website with their algorithm so they can more easily recommend your website to people searching for related topics. An optimized website feels better to navigate and can encourage people to stick around. 

Branch out

Collaborating and creating connections with bloggers and other business can be a great benefit. You can write content about each other and help create more entries which can pop up on google. Additionally, you can make sure your business is registered on a variety of websites. Sites like Yelp, Bing, Google, and Facebook can all help you have more presence when search results come up. Which could encourage searchers to click on the link to your website to check you out. 

Create a link strategy

Link strategy is important for driving people onto your website and keeping them there. You want to be able to get people to your website without spamming them with the content they won't be interested in. Sharing links to your website on various social media platforms can encourage people to read and engage with your content on a variety of different platforms. Linking to other articles within your website encourages people to stay on and continue engaging with your content. Keeping people on your website for a while gives Google the confidence to recommend your website to more people 

Encourage online reviews and nurture social media

Be active on review pages, interacting with customers makes you more appealing than someone who never responds. Similarly, being active on social media will help you build and audience and create a greater net of exposure. Which will help more people find you through searches and recommendations so you can get more conversions. Use social media to provide useful information to your consumers and you will gain a following. 

Organic and paid

Organic traffic is probably the best way to get SEO attention. Organic traffic is unpaid, meaning people find and engage with your website, without the use of a targeted ad. While “paid” throws your website at the top of the search as an ad. As people engage with paid SEO, you have to pay money every time someone clicks into the link. If you’re a small business just starting out, setting aside a small budget for paid targeted SEO can really help with gaining traction, until you can get a steady flow of organic leads. Some companies will even have a small budget set aside for paid once they are already established with a good organic flow, because it can give you a nice boost. 

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