Why You Should Invest in a Professional Website

Why You Should Invest in a Professional Website

With all of the do it yourself options out there for building a website there are many business owners who just decide to make their own website or hire a freelancer as their web developer. But if your goal is to have a professional and successful site, you should find a professional web development firm.

Websites have become a major factor in the decision making process for consumers. The results of a recent Web.com survey found that 83% of consumers say that having a website and using social media is important to their consideration and choice of a business, and 50% are more likely to choose a company over a competitor based on the business’s web presence.

The most important reason that you need a professional website is to increase credibility in your website. Because of the amount of fraudulent businesses on the internet when someone sees a website that isn’t professional their mind automatically goes to the site belonging to a scammer. Scammers and fly-by-night businesses rarely have professional web design teams to help create them a perfect website.

When you use a professional to design your website it also shows that you care about your business. Think how soldiers take the time to polish their boots, it shows that they care for their boots. You need to polish your website with the help of a professional web designer. Showing that you care for your business makes people more likely to trust you and your company.

Having a professionally designed website also makes it easier for your customers to navigate and find what they are looking for, making them more likely to be satisfied. On the same note by making it easier to navigate it makes it easier for your customers to stay informed on chances in your products, arrival of new products, and any events they may be interested in.

A professionally designed website is more likely to show up on Google or any other search engine. This is because websites need to be optimized to meet certain criteria that Google’s algorithm looks for in ranking websites. This goes beyond just utilizing the correct keywords. Google uses a myriad of factors including links, site structure, usability, mobile-friendliness and site performance to determine ranking on the search results page.

A study from Stanford University found that a website’s design was more important than credibility indicators like having a privacy policy, awards or certifications. There are many reasons that your business’s website should be designed by a professional, more than can be listed briefly. The most obvious reason is that a professionally designed website will make your business look more professional and thus will be a tool to gain new customers.

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