13 tips on making your website look better

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Choose the right fonts 

Imagine all the different people that will be navigating your website, now imagine them trying to read the text. Your text should be easy for everyone to read, even if they are on a mobile device.  Picking the right font is one of the most important parts of designing a website. Odds are not everyone is going to sit there and read all the text that you have written out, but if it’s hard to read then the chances that they’ll stick around to try and read it are slim. Your text should guide your visitors, bringing attention to important things and informing them.  

Use subtle patterns or textures  

Backgrounds are often overlooked on a website. But the right background can really tie a website together and add some depth to it that makes the viewer take notice. While flat backgrounds are the most common form, adding a subtle or bold texture can really make your website pop. But finding the right amount is a delicate balance, you still want to make sure that your viewers will be able to read the text in the foreground. 

Use white space 


Whitespace is another really overlooked element in web design, but it really packs a punch. Knowing when to add whitespace can really make elements of your website pop and stand out. This is an excellent way of drawing the eye, bringing focus, and adding much needed breaks between content. It also makes content more scannable and seem less cluttered. 

Use BIG photos

Photos are one of the most important aspects of a website. They draw people in and tell the story of your company. Making sure you are using big high-quality photo can make your website look more professional, it also gives a better impression than small blurry ones. It also helps to use your own photos over stock imaging as they can have an artificial feel to them and not really fit in with your brand. 

Social media 


Social media representation on your website is just as important as having them. It allows people to find your business so that they can keep up with what is going on with your brand. Making sure to have links to your social media will let new visitors know that you are staying current with technology and have valuable content to offer them. 

Color and contrast 


Choosing the right colors and complimentary colors is an important part of representing your brand. It affects the first impression that people get of your website, if your colors don’t go well together people as not respond as well. Making sure the colors not only go well together but will complement the rest of your website is important. 

Grids and symmetry  


Grids are a great way of adding some extra design elements to your pages rather than a standard layout. Websites with unique or unusual layouts are memorable, they stand out from the crowd. Which is why incorporating a design element that isn’t so traditional like making it unsymmetrical can make a lasting impression on your visitors. Grids are a great way of using white space and a lack of symmetry in order to create  



Graphics are a great way to add character and fun elements to your website. They draw the eye and you can use them to get viewers to focus on features you want to highlight. Adding animated graphics can even elevate your websites design and make it even more interesting. 

Mobile optimization 

Mobile optimization is one of the easiest ways to make your website look more professional. Nothing is worse than trying to browse a website on your phone when it’s only designed for the browser experience. It makes trying to navigate the website a nightmare and often you give up because it’s just not worth the effort. Mobile browsing is in the majority of how people look for websites, which makes it that more critical to make sure that it is one of your top priorities. 

Parallax scrolling

This is when the foreground of a website seems to be moving faster than the slower background when you’re scrolling through a website. It creates a fun almost 3D effect that can complement good web design to make a page seem even more pleasing to the eye. It is a popular design that draws in the user and gives them a unique experience over standard scrolling.

Call to action 

Calls to action are an important tool in getting your visitors where they need to go. Often visitors have a goal in mind when they are on your website but aren’t always sure about where they should be going. Having buttons in colors that capture their attention is a great way to lead them to their destination and improves their perception of your website. 


Pictures are great, they are integral to having an interesting website. But having a video header instead of a picture can really set you apart from other brands. Videos have a way of drawing people in much better than pictures and text. Most people don’t want to read, but they would certainly watch a video if it were right in front of them. Having a short video of the key elements to your brand can be a great way of making an impression on your viewers as soon as they hop onto your website and get them hooked. 


The main thing about good web design is balance, you need to know just how much of everything you need in order to make everything work together. This is often hard to do if you don’t have experience with it. Hiring a team of web designers and developers can ease the confusion because they have experience in working on all different kinds of websites and are always looking at the latest trends. 

There is a lot of planning that goes into creating and maintaining a good website, but with the help of a good team it can be made a lot easier. 

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