8 Outlook tips and tricks


Upgrade your signature

Signatures are great for showing off your logo, business information, and help your emails look more official. 

To create or update your signature you’ll first need to be in an email.  

Select signature > signatures, from here you can choose from your existing signatures 

By clicking new, you can upload or create a new design. 

Once you’re ready to use your signature just select Ok to start using it. 

Use Clean Up  

Finding new ways to organize your inbox is always a priority when you get a lot of emails. Trying to trim down on spam, or emails that don’t concern you can be a hassle even with the new focused inbox. Clean up can help you get rid of the clutter in your folders fast.  

Select the Home tab > cleanup 

From here you can clean up conversations, folders, and a folder & subfolders 

This will automatically delete redundant or read messages and throw them in the delete folder. It will never remove unread messages. 

Send links not copies 

By uploading files to your OneDrive collaboration becomes much simpler. You can share a link to your document so you can all work on the same copy instead of constantly passing new versions back and forth then having to update them. Then you won’t have to search through multiple copies in emails when you need to find the right one.  

Select attach file > browse locations > OneDrive 

You’ll know it’s coming from the cloud because of the cloud icon that will appear on the attached file. 

Focus on what's important 

You can now easily ignore conversations so that you can focus on important emails. 

From the home tab > ignore > ignore conversation you can also make it so that you won't see that message again.  

All ignored conversations will be sent to the trash folder. 

Tag contacts with mentions 

Having a conversation with multiple people and getting them all to see what they need to can be a struggle. Mentions can help people see exactly what they need to without having to read the whole conversation so they can get back to what they need to do. 

In the body of the email where you want to draw their attention type @ followed by their first and last name 

Select the name to see it highlighted and added to the To: field 

The person will see an @ symbol in their message list and know they are supposed to see something in the email. 

Let them know you’re away 

Emails can pile up if you’re not on top of them, which means things can get ugly if you’re out sick or on vacation. So instead let them know you are away and direct them to someone else who can help them in the meantime. 

Select file > automatic replies > send automatic replies 

Then type out the message you want it to send and select Ok 

Turn an email into a pdf 

Creating PDF’s from an email isn’t as hard as you’d think. 

Ctrl + P  then select Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer 

Once you select print, choose your folder, chose a name for your PDF, and hit save 

Use shortcuts  

Shortcuts can speed up your workflow significantly, here are a few to keep in mind. 

Ctrl + Shift + M to create a new email 

Ctrl + Shift + C to create a new contact 

Ctrl + Shift + A to create a new appointment 

Ctrl + Shift + Q to create a new meeting request 

And finally Ctrl + Enter to quickly send your message 

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