Do you need a web developer or a web team?


Websites are an important part of business. They allow you to be found on the internet, hold important information about your business, and can decide if people are going to do business with you. Which is why it is important to have a website and maintain it. Web designers and developers are important for both creating and updating, but they do have some differences.  

Web designers create the look and feel, they are usually the ones who give you a mockup site based on what you’re looking for. They are masters of bringing upcoming trends and old classics together to create an eye-catching design that consumers can’t resist.  
Web developers take the creative and bring the design to life so that consumers can navigate the site easily. They make sure everything is responsive so your site can run like a well-oiled machine on any device or browser being used. 
Back end web developers work on the behind the scenes work. Like making sure your website is secure, allowing you to store data on your website, and making it so that websites can be updated as easily as possible. 

A web team brings the best of all worlds, they bring together all these skills into one cohesive team. The web designer comes up with a concept using their design background to create beautiful and daring designs. They work with the web developers to bring these designs to life and make sure that their vision is coming across to the consumer, and the backend developers provide the backbone and structure for the front developers to work their coding magic. 

Having a team like this is a lot different than bringing a pre made design to some developers because then you’re losing that line on communication between the design and the function. You also have individuals with diferent knowledge and skill sets as oppused to one person with a particular skill set working on the project. A good team can take a design and run with it, by breaking it down in house and figuring out how they can make it work while still being very functional. This colaborative effort makes desgining and coding a website run smoothly so the project can be finished in a timely manner.


With a lone developer they just must trust in what they know and create it their way, without input from someone with different skills or knowledge. They may not be familiar with certain nuances that may make it difficult for the next person you hire to work on your website. Which could lead to a costly full re-design in order to fix the mistakes of the previous developer.

A lone developer is fine for simple updates when you need them. But if you’re looking into creating a new website or giving your existing website a refresh, you should consider hiring an experienced web development team. 

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