How your small business can take advantage of social media (Tying it all together)


The main two components in being successful with social media are consistency, and quality. Just like SEO for your website you can keep spending your money to get people to see you, but that doesn’t guarantee conversions. And promoting your posts won’t either if you’re not consistently posting good content that is getting you organic action.  

Just like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have an algorithm that investigates your profile to see the organic engagement you are receiving and how often you update content. So, like a website you need to make sure you are diligent about when you're posting and what you’re posting. If you find days where your engagement is high for one topic and low another day, focus on posting on the days you receive higher engagement to take advantage of those boosts. This will help make you more appealing to the algorithm and get you seen by more people.  

You can increase the performance of these posts on good posting days by also spending a few dollars on promoting particularly good posts. Promoting a post means that it will appear on feeds of people who the algorithm has determined are interested in the type of content you’re posting based on the hashtags you and they use. This is a great way to reach a wider audience and get peoples interest in what you have to offer. Once you’ve caught their attention on a post a lot of people will check out your profile to see if you have anything else that looks interesting to them. And from there you just need to make sure you have all the information about your company at their disposal and a good bio about your business. Make sure to have the link to your website readily available so they can potentially check out your website for more information. Having your website on your profile not only makes you seem more official; it also increases your chance of getting traffic to your website. Which is the number one goal in using social media for marketing and increasing interest. 

Just like for your website you should be looking at the insights provided about your posts in order to track engagement and whether your promotions were successful. Just because it’s a promotion on Instagram doesn’t make it any less important. You’re still trying to reach out to potential customers who are in the market for your services. Promoting the right posts and using the right tags can greatly increase your chance of conversions so you must keep an eye on the trends. If some big news is announced about the industry, you’re in you can take advantage of the situation by talking about it. Being one of the first in your industry to do so can increase the activity on your post and make you one of the most popular sources. Just sending out a tweet with a link to a blog you wrote on the subject can gain traction for your article if you’re taking advantage of a trend people are interested and talking about.  

Another thing is taking advantage of the interaction you receive on posts. If people are commenting on your posts asking you questions, answering them can be a great way to make yourself valuable to them. Especially on Facebook where they make it easy for you to build up a community around your business. It can help set you apart from your competitors and make you more appealing to current and potential customers. 

The main thing to take away from this is to take advantage of the tools that social media provides for businesses and use them. Insights are a great way to see how your content is doing and what days your posts do well or flop so you can maximize the success of your post. Take advantage of the interactions you receive in order to make yourself more personable ad appealing to potential customers. Make sure you are posting good content consistently so the algorithm promotes your posts and your potential customers can find you. But most of all, don’t be afraid to branch out into social media for marketing your business because it will set you apart from competitors who don’t and give you a higher chance of being seen by potential customers than just having a website. 

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