How your small business can take advantage of Facebook


Facebook was originally designed to connect you with your old college buddies but has since evolved into something much bigger that has taken the world by storm. With 2.2 billion users it is the largest social networking site in the world. Sure, it’s great for connecting with old friends and family you don’t see all the time. But it can also help your business gain more exposure and attract new customers you may not have reached otherwise. The cellphone is the number one choice for browsing the internet, this includes businesses. Facebook allows you to ask your friends for recommendations when you’re looking for something. Imagine how many people are looking for a hairdresser, a charter company, an alarm company, a tech company, etc. If you’re suggested even a few times this means you have the chance that several people including the one looking for the recommendation are going to check out your page. 

The first step in taking advantage of Facebook is to make a business account. If you have a personal profile you can start a business page, but it won’t have anything to do with your business page. It just allows you to create the page and get started on making your business page. A business page still has a lot of the standard features like a photo section, timeline with your posts so viewers can see what you’ve been up to. But they also have a lot of other features that can come in handy. But one of the most important parts is the about page. 

You want to make sure you include all the information possible to make it easy for your customers to recognize your business at a glance. The about page should have your address, website, phone numbers, and hours filled out for potential customers. This will make it easier for them to find you while they are searching online. Your Facebook page, Instagram, and twitter accounts can all show up during searches under the right circumstances which is why having all this information available is so important. 

The business page comes with review tabs where customers can write out their reviews on their experience with your company and whether they would recommend you to others. You can showcase any services you have to offer with rates and other information for people to see. Have a shop to directly add any inventory and allow purchases directly from your Facebook page. And a community area to take advantage of the interactive quality of Facebook. 

Facebook is a great platform to take advantage of customer loyalty. They have community pages built in to business pages that allows your loyal customers to interact with your page by posting pictures, posts, and videos to your page. This can be a great asset to a lot of businesses because if a new potential customer comes across your page, seeing this interaction can be very appealing. It’s a great way for new and old people to feel more connected to your business and learn more about your product. You also can create event pages where you can promote your upcoming events and invite users who follow your businesses to attend. 

But how does this benefit your business? Especially since most of this information is already on your website. Besides the ability to interact directly with your customers through posts and direct messages Facebook also has ads. 

You can run short campaigns for a few dollars a day that will make your business page appear to people who have looked at similar business pages who may be interested in your services. Then you can use their analytics tools in order to measure how effective the promotion was, and how you can do better next time. This has also been a feature that has been added to Instagram and can increase your engagement on there as well. These promotions also help you learn who your target audience is so you can be successful in your marketing in order to maximize your sales and conversions. 

But the real value of Facebook for businesses is to help you connect with your audience and create a community who is interested in what you have to say. By allowing you to post engaging content and receive feedback directly from your customers. Or have them post videos and posts about their experience with your products. Facebook is about growing a community and getting engagements that can lead to potential sales and long-term loyalty. 

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